EU Commission has decided some adjustments regarding EU Steel Safeguard Measures becoming effective on 1st October 2019:

  • New rules for imports of HRC – a 30% share capacity in the global quota for a single exporting country per quarter;
  • The end-use requirement for automotive steel (4B);
  • All products not used in the automotive industry will have be imported under category 4A;
  • For product categories 13 (rebars) and 16 (wire rod) a new  30% share capacity for the access to the global quota in the last quarter of the period has been introduced;
  • Indonesia is no longer exempted from the measures for product categories 8 and 9 (SHRSS and SCRSS). No individual quota either.
  • Liberalization rate reduced from 5% each year to 3% for the global and country-specific quotas;


Cumulative application of the safeguard and AD/AS measures: 

  • At the moment, 15 products are subject to both safeguard and AD/CVD measures;
  • Commission’s Regulation on double remedies of 2 September 2019 clarified how the AD/CVD and safeguard measures are combined:

+ Only when both AD/CVD and safeguard measures are due;

+ AD/CVD measures below 25% of SG duty ? AD/CVD duties will be suspended;

+ AD/CVD measures above 25% of SG duty ? AD/CVD duties will be collected only at the rate exceeding the 25% SG duty.

The Commission’s Regulation has only prospective application and cannot serve as basis for reimbursement of duties collected prior to its entry into force.

Source: Eurometal

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