7 Benefits of Steel Frame Structures in Construction

7 Benefits of Steel Frame Structures in Construction

BlogDate: 31-07-2023 by: Ngan Le

Steel is a material widely used in many fields from industry to architecture. Compared with the construction according to the traditional building way, contractors are gradually applying steel frame structures for modern works. So what's so special about these structures? Let's take a look at the 7 benefits of steel frames to construction.

The building is safer by a steel frame

Safety criteria are one of the top conditions for any project. Therefore, a steel frame will be a reasonable choice for contractors because the function of steel is heat-resistant and inherently non-flammable, so it will minimize the case of fire. In addition, the steel frame resists corrosion and oxidation, making it ideal for outdoor work as well as in harsh conditions.


Withstands heavy loads

Steel has the best hardness of all materials, so the steel frame has a good bearing function, helping the building withstand all vibrations or even strong shocks.

Long-term sustainability

It's not surprising that steel is appreciated as the most durable material in the world. Unlike other materials like wood or concrete, steel possesses a particular property as its structure will not crack or become soft after using for a long time. Steel will also not have to experience decay due to termites and mold when the humidity of the environment increases. The contractor will not have to spend too much effort on periodic maintenance.

Taking advantage of the benefits of the steel frame as a structure for the building not only provides certainty, it also helps to increase the life of the building with a period of up to 70 years.

Flexibility in changes

The basic property of steel is ductility, and this property allows the manufacturer to easily change the shape of the steel as desired while maintaining its strength. Therefore, a steel frame structure building will help architects serve creative construction ideas with modern style. In addition, structural modifications such as redesigning the design, renovating the building, or expanding the scale will become more convenient thanks to the flexibility of steel.


Fast time to build

Unlike cement materials, which always require a builder to handle in place, most steel materials will be processed at the factory first and then brought to the construction site. Because it is manufactured with detailed dimensions and specifications, the masons only need to put the parts together. It can be said that the time to complete a project with a steel frame is always fast as well as increasing the safety at the construction site when there are not many requirements for assembly and construction.

Save cost-effective due to the benefits of steel frame

Quick installation time will mean less labor costs due to the insignificant number of working hours. Due to the high speed in completion, the project will be put into operation sooner than traditional structures, thereby reducing additional costs incurred during the implementation process. The durable nature of steel also significantly contributes to contingencies for contractors when maintenance doesn't take place frequently.

Satisfying aesthetics

Steel is an accessible material to form, so it is not surprising that today's modern buildings are primarily made up of steel-framed structures. Steel is manufactured to predefined standard dimensions and tolerances, which will make it easier for engineers to accurately calculate the feasibility of their designs. This helps ideas in design to be more creative, promising to bring more outstanding projects in the future.