Can You Paint Galvanized Steel?

Can You Paint Galvanized Steel?

BlogDate: 10-10-2023 by: Nhu Quynh

Does galvanized steel need painting? Many people wonder if the nature of this material has antioxidant properties; will the paint add any more effects? To help you get the most accurate answer, below MRS Steel will summarize information related to this content.

1. What is galvanized steel and its characteristics? 

Galvanized steel is a steel material covered with an outer layer of zinc to help it avoid the effects of the surrounding environment. Thereby limiting the possibility of rust, oxidation, and corrosion and increasing the durability and life of the product. Here are the salient features of galvanized steel:

  • Zinc surfaces have the ability to slow down the oxidation of steel, helping to protect the surface from corrosion and avoiding rust in the long run.

  • Under normal conditions, the service life of galvanized steel can be more than 60 years.

  • With its ability to adapt to many different weather conditions, even sea salt and acids, this material is always a considered choice when it is necessary to use it in harsh environments.

Thanks to these advantages, galvanized steel is widely used in construction projects, making roof frames, gates, doors,... In the electrical industry, heavy industry, chemical industry, and shipbuilding industry. In addition, the material is also used in household appliances, making power cable systems,...

2. Can galvanized steel be painted?

Galvanized steel is one of the most commonly used materials today. This steel itself is a product with high corrosion resistance, but it is aesthetically poor because there is only one color. Therefore, many people choose to paint colors on galvanized steel to increase the aesthetics as well as the corrosion resistance of the product.

Galvanized steel is usually painted with an electrostatic powder coating or anti-rust paint. However, in order to paint, you need to go through many different processes, because if you leave the product as it was at first and then paint it, it will be extremely laborious, expensive, and easy to peel off the paint layer. The followingare the necessary steps to proceed with painting galvanized steel:

  • Surface treatment before painting: Galvanized steel before painting needs to be surface treated for better adhesion. There are four methods of pre-treatment of steel surfaces before painting: rinsing, primer etching, blasting, and weathering.

  • Choose the right paint: Paints used before painting steel surfaces are specially formulated and applied according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

  • Work progresses: Coating the zinc surface must be done according to the manufacturer's instructions.

3. How to choose galvanized paint?

Currently, the paint used to paint galvanized steel is divided into two main types: single-component paint and two-component paint. Each type of paint has its own advantages and disadvantages, suitable for each use: 

  • 1-component galvanized paint: Suitable for civil works, it needs to be constructed quickly because this paint does not need to be mixed but can be used immediately. The price is also lower than that of two-component paint. However, it is not suitable for outdoor work or harsh weather conditions due to its low protection.

  • 2-component galvanized paint: This is the ideal paint for projects that need high durability and good resistance because this is a high-class epoxy paint system with two components mixed in proportion. Therefore, the cost of this paint group is also higher.

MRS Steel has helped you answer the question of whether to paint on galvanized steel or not. I hope this will be a useful source of information when you are looking for galvanized products. If you want to buy galvanized steel products, please contact us here.