Top 5 Reasons To Choose Steel Silos Instead of Concrete Silos

Top 5 Reasons To Choose Steel Silos Instead of Concrete Silos

BlogDate: 04-08-2023 by: Ngan Le

In recent years, the demand for silos has increased, and steel silos were founded as a perfect solution for optimizing production costs along with installation time. There are many opinions that manufacturers should use steel as the primary material to constitute silos instead of concrete. Steel possesses many outstanding features. It’s suitable for building a permanent repository.

1. Steel silos ensure consensus of quality

Steel production processes always take place in a completely closed system with strict standards and tolerances established in advance, so the quality of steel is always controlled. Thanks to the close examinations in the production process, every detail of the steel silos consistently achieves consensus in proportion to make the final silo product reach the perfect state.


Meanwhile, concrete silo production requires more complex requirements, specifically climate, and outdoor temperature. When pouring concrete silo on-site, the contractors must ensure that the surrounding environment is dry and the temperature is not too high to limit the impact on the work. Not to mention the problem of erratic rain and sun in the area that will hinder the progress of silo construction.

2. Optimize cost for the contractor

Although concrete silos will bring more cost-effectiveness to businesses in the beginning due to low input materials, in terms of long-term efficiency, steel silos bring more benefits.

Steel is inherently durable, and no building material has ever surpassed steel. A silo construction full of steel will help minimize surface cracking by weather as well as structural warping after a period of bearing support.

3. Flexible in design by steel silos

Steel possesses excellent bearing capacity and load resistance, so when installing steel silos, contractors don't need to care about the stability of the ground. Therefore, choosing steel silos for building a storage system will provide a variety of options for finding places to install them. In contrast, concrete silos will require solid ground to withstand structural loads.


Steel is also a material that is easy to shape. Engineers can rely on the plasticity of steel to adjust the design drawing flexibly. They can offer the most optimal efficiency in storage.

4. Steel silos provide better storage material quality

Steel silos are appreciated for their ability to provide better-quality of raw materials during the storage process. Specifically, when the outside temperature increases or decreases, it causes direct thermal effects on the storage material. Because of steel's excellent heat dissipation properties, the air inside the silo is always well-ventilated, and the temperature is always balanced, so the material is not too hot or must not be in a low temperature for a long time. 

For concrete silos, the storage material will be more prone to problems due to the strong ability of the cement to absorb and retain heat, which causes hot air outside; once infiltrated, the tank will stay for a long time, and it's difficult to exit. It can be seen that the heat dissipation rate of concrete silos is meager, so the temperature of the storage material is accumulated and increases gradually, making them easy to damage.

5. Quick construction time

Structural parts of conventional steel silos are already finished at the factory, so the contractor only needs to assemble them to make a complete steel silo structure. Concrete silos will consume more time in construction. Specifically, a concrete silo with a capacity of 100,000m3 will need at least 180 days to complete, but a steel silo will shorten the completion time significantly when only 80 days are required.


The silo system, especially the steel silo, is becoming a new trend in commodity storage for many businesses. The selection of the quality of materials to create silos plays a crucial role because it determines the durability and longevity of the product. MRS Steel, a reputable steel solution provider with many years of experience in the Vietnamese steel market, will help meet the steel sourcing needs of investors.

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