Choosing the Best Steel Plate: A Step-by-Step Guide

Choosing the Best Steel Plate: A Step-by-Step Guide

BlogDate: 17-04-2023 by: Ngoc Cam

The steel plate has many variations, like mild steel, low carbon steel, alloy steel, etc. Each type will have various applications in the industrial sector. Therefore, importers must determine their needs to choose the most accurate and suitable products.  In this section, MRS Steel will guide you with 5 tips to choose the best steel plate.

The secret to choosing the best steel plate

MRS Steel will help you choose the best steel plate through 5 criteria to evaluate the quality and suitability:

1. Durability

The product's durability is one of the most critical considerations for importers when selecting steel plates. Steel has a significant bearing capacity and is less affected by environmental factors such as temperature, humidity... representing the safety and sustainability of the works. 

Therefore, when choosing to buy steel in general and steel plates in particular, customers are especially interested in product quality and specific product characteristics. Each type variant, such as galvanized steel, stainless steel, or color-coated steel sheet... will have different specifications, properties, and durability. 

Before you place an order, you'll need to understand your project requirements to select the correct steel. If you need to know that your project is suitable for this type of steel plate, you can contact MRS Steel via Hotline at +84 28 36 22 33 58 for the most detailed advice from a team of experts.

2. Tensile 

When choosing to buy steel plates, you must pay attention to tensile strength because this is the core property of steel. Tensile strongly influences the power of a building or other manufacturing fields; it will determine the strength and bearing capacity of the final product. The selection of steel plate grades based on the correct standards and tensile will ensure the plate can withstand heavy loads without breaking.


3. Weldability

The ability to weld will help the sheet steel bond together to create a final material suitable for the properties of each different construction. If your project requires welding of steel plates, choose product variants with weldability properties with the appropriate carbon content. Although welding can reduce the strength and hardness of steel plates, it is easy to machine into cost-effective, custom sizes and shapes.

4. Ductility

Sheet ductility is the limit to which a material can be stretched or bent before breaking completely. Customers need to choose high-ductility steel plates to ensure that they can withstand heavy loads or pressures without breaking. 

Depending on the variant of the steel plate, the internal carbon composition is different, leading to the difference in flexibility in each type. The best way to test the product's flexibility is to contact the supplier or steel industry experts for detailed advice before choosing to buy.


5. Dimensions and weight

Besides the 4 mechanical properties of steel, you need to determine the size and weight of your steel plate to order the most correct and cost-optimized order. It is usually purchased in Thickness x Width x Length units with a minimum thickness of 0.1875” - 0.24". Charges vary in width and length, but the most common steel plate sizes are usually 8ft wide, 12ft long, or 20ft long.

Manufacturers can cut plates into various custom sizes but cannot vary the thickness. The formula for the estimated weight for a plate order is to multiply the quantity by the volume and density:

Weight = {Thickness (mm) x Width (mm) x Length (mm) x 0.00000785 kg/mm3 } x Number of sheets

Or in pounds and inches

Weight = {[Thickness (in) x Width (in) x Length (in))] x 0.2836 in/lb3 } x Number of sheets

*Note: Steel density 0.2836 in/lb3 ranges from 0.28-0.291 in/lb3. The above is a good weight estimation formula, but the final material weight may vary based on the situation.


Following these tips, you can choose the best steel plate from MRS Steel for your project. For the best support, please get in touch with Email for advice on reputable and high-quality Vietnamese steel plates and imports.