Construction Steel Coils: A Comprehensive Guide

Construction Steel Coils: A Comprehensive Guide

BlogDate: 04-10-2023 by: Nhu Quynh

Today, it has been diversified in terms of types with distinct characteristics. Construction steel coils are an indispensable material for every project. For detailed information about construction steel coils and where to buy genuine coils, find out with MRS Steel through the article below.

1. What are construction steel coils?

Construction steel coils are a type of steel material produced for construction work and are a raw material for heavy industry. Construction steel coils are wire, coiled, smooth, or ribbed, and have a common diameter of 6mm, 8mm, 12 mm, or 14mm.

Construction steel coils usually have characteristics such as high strength and good load capacity. Steel is the material that creates solidity for the structure of a building. However, not all types of steel meet the requirements to be used in the construction process. Steel must ensure the elements of hardness and elasticity, not warping. It is these characteristics that make steel an important material for ease of construction and later replacement.


The production process of construction steel coils is quite complicated and requires high technology. After the steel is refined, the raw material is cast into a billet, and the ingot continues to melt to form a rolled steel product.

2. Classification of construction steel coils

Steel coil is one of the most important construction steels, commonly used in construction works such as concrete pouring, reinforcement for industrial and civil buildings, buildings, highways,... The following are the common types of construction steel coils on the market today:

Construction steel coils Ф6: It is known as a construction coil with a steel diameter of (d6) = 6mm. This is a type of steel used for concrete reinforcement manufactured according to Vietnamese standards TCVN 1651-1:2018. 

Construction steel coils Ф8: It is a construction steel coils, also known as a D8 coil, with a cross-sectional diameter of 8mm. This is one of the most commonly used steels on the market today.

Construction steel coils Ф8 barbed: As a product with a measured cross-sectional length of steel rods with D = 8mm, they are capable of withstanding high temperatures without rusting in humid environments or at abnormal temperatures.


Construction steel coils Ф10: It is D10 steel coil; this is a 10mm diameter coil of steel, commonly used in reinforced concrete structures to make the foundation of civil houses, beams, and pouring reinforced concrete in large-scale construction projects. as large as industrial parks, factories,...

3. Address to buy prestigious construction steel coils

Construction steel coils are a popular steel product on the market today, so it is impossible to avoid buying fake and poor-quality products that affect construction. To be able to buy reputable construction coil products, look for famous steel brands. MRS Steel is proud to be a partner of leading steel brands in Vietnam such as Hoa Phat, Hoa Sen, Nam Kim,... With more than 12 years of experience in the steel industry, we will help you buy the leading steel products in Vietnam with prestigious quality at a reasonable cost.