What Are The Types Of Hollow Sections

What Are The Types Of Hollow Sections

BlogDate: 03-10-2023 by: Ngoc Cam

Hollow structural section (HSS) is one of the most crucial construction materials that can be used for many wide applications in life such as building houses, bridges, plumbing systems, heat, gas,... In this article, MRS Steel will help you classify the most common hollow sections along with their detailed internal characteristics and structures.

1. What are Hollow sections?

Hollow sections are one of the metal structures made from cold rolled steel and formed into hollow tubes. The feature of hollow sections is that there is an open edge extending over the entire steel bar with many different shapes such as round, square, rectangular and a variety of sizes according to ASTM A500, A1085 and A1065,…

There are 4 types of hollow sections with flexible structure, properties and applications for each use:

1.1. Square Hollow Section

Square Hollow Section (SHS) is a common form of steel pipe, considered a combination of RHS and CHS. SHS products have a flat surface, easy to join and weld, equal and symmetrical sides, width from 2-30mm, length from 6-12mm. SHS is appreciated for its durability, aesthetic value, strength, meets EN, ASTM, GB, Jis standards and the requirements in construction.


1.2. Rectangular Hollow Section

The Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS) has a flat surface so it is flexible in joining, welding and assembling as required. RHS products have a rectangular shape so it is easy to join with other members without edge preparation. This is a reasonable choice in terms of structure and cost-effective for many projects.


1.3. Circular Hollow Section

One of the most typical hollow sections is the circular hollow section (CHS) used in construction, mechanical and structural projects. They have a smooth surface, no sharp or protruding edges, so they have high aesthetic value. Similar to SHS and RHS, CHS products are durable, strong, easy to shape, suitable to be used as materials for projects requiring low temperature.


1.4. Seamless Hollow Section

Seamless Hollow Section is a long steel form with a seamless hollow section, with no joints or welds between the four faces of the mold. They are made by a hot manufacturing process, in which the raw material is steel billets that are heated at high temperatures to be easily bent and shaped. Seamless Hollow Section is used as a pipeline system to transport liquids, support hydraulics, and mechanical structures. The advantages of Seamless compared to other types of hollow section are high strength, no cracking, compressive capacity of very stable mechanical properties.


2. Benefits of using hollow sections


Hollow sections have smooth, flat surfaces along the edges, so they are easy to assemble and connect with other products to create the necessary materials for the project. Before welding to another flat surface, the hollow sections cut should be straight and clean. Hollow sections products are very resistant to heat, pressure and environmental impacts, so they have a long life expectancy.

Various sizes

Hollow sections have many different sizes and shapes, so customers have the most suitable choices for their projects. The manufacturer can completely fabricate, assemble or change the specifications of these metal components to the requirements of the buyer. What's more, you can request colors and coatings on the products to increase their resistance to the environment.


Hollow structural sections are very popular materials for exterior surfaces of buildings due to their flat and smooth surface. They both ensure a solid structure and bring a modern and luxurious beauty to the building.


3. What is the Hollow section usually used for?

Hollow sections is a steel product with flexible and wide application in many fields, especially in construction support beams. They have a high strength-to-weight ratio, good bearing capacity and economy, making them the key materials for many projects such as:

  • Fences and railings
  • Bearing floor
  • Bridges
  • Stair
  • Heavy machinery
  • Household appliances
  • Barns, warehouses

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