What is the difference between Hot and Cold Rolled Coil?

What is the difference between Hot and Cold Rolled Coil?

BlogDate: 01-06-2023 by: Nhu Quynh

The difference between hot and cold rolled coil is mainly due to the manufacturing process. Hot rolling is the process of processing steel that is carried out by heat. Cold rolling is a process that is performed at or near room temperature.


1. What is hot and cold rolled coil?

Hot and cold rolled coil are important raw materials in the steel production process. Both of these steels are manufactured metals that require high technical skills and solid expertise.

Hot rolled coil is a steel metal produced by the method of processing steel at high temperature in the metallurgical process, the temperature here is usually up to 1700॰F. This process can alter matter, transforming the shape of metals. Hot-rolled coil products are usually dark blue in color, with little shine and a lack of aesthetics. Through the hot rolling process, the finished steel is easier to use.


Cold rolled coil is essentially hot-rolled steel that has been cooled and re-rolled at room temperature. After being rolled, it has the correct size and the best surface quality. Because cold rolled coil usually has a higher cost than hot rolled coil, product quality as well as aesthetics are also appreciated compared to hot rolled coil.


2. Advantages and disadvantages of hot and cold rolled coil

Hot rolled coil 


  • Hot rolled coil has high strength and is easy to maintain because it is not affected by the effects of the environment.
  • The hot rolling process undergoes high temperatures to change the structure of the steel, thereby increasing the toughness of the product and making it easier to shape to meet the needs of use.
  • Hot rolled steel has a good bearing capacity and less warping and denting.
  • Hot rolled coil is cheaper than cold rolled coil.


  • The rough surface, left outdoors for a long time, is prone to rust, making the product aesthetically not very pleasing, but it can be improved by techniques such as bleaching and grinding.
  • The product has a high tolerance level because it is uncontrollable due to its self-deformation process.

Cold rolled coil


  • Due to the quenching process, the finished product size will be more accurate, the surface finish will be good, and the aesthetics will be higher than with hot rolled coil.
  • Cold rolled coil is made from high quality materials, which increases the durability and service life of the product.
  • Cold rolled coil has superior features in durability and is stronger than hot rolled coil by 20–30%.
  • Flexible and less prone to breakage during construction.


  • Difficult to maintain because the surface of the product is easy to rust
  • The cost is higher than hot rolled coil.

3. Application of hot and cold rolled coil in production

Hot and cold rolled coil are two prominent types of steel on the market today. In addition to being commonly used in steel production, hot rolled coil and cold rolled coil are also indispensable materials for the production of many popular civil goods today.


Hot rolled coil is an indispensable source of raw materials in the steel production process. In addition to being a source of raw materials for the production of cold rolled coil, hot rolled coil is also used to serve the construction, mechanical, transportation, household appliance, and other industries that use billets, beams, and H-shaped steel.

Cold rolled coil is mainly used to produce products such as steel plate and galvanized steel coil with square and round details and a smooth surface. Cold rolled coil has high aesthetics and accuracy, so it is often used in technical and aesthetic works such as automobile manufacturing, air conditioning, refrigerators, food containers, televisions, etc.

Each type of steel has certain effects and advantages, depending on your needs, choose the type of steel that is suitable for your purposes. The information that MRS Steel and I shared above will help you distinguish between hot rolled coil and cold rolled coil. To place an order, please call our whatsapp at +84 76 911 2358 or send an email to