Total The Most Popular HS Codes For Steel In 2023

Total The Most Popular HS Codes For Steel In 2023

BlogDate: 02-06-2023 by: Ngan Le

In the current global steel industry, signs of recovery have stimulated a series of commercial steel import and export cases that took place more often. Capturing HS Codes for the steel industry will help businesses determine customs duties as well as serve well for goods statistics.

1. What HS Code is and its application of them

HS Code is the classification code of goods according to a standard system applied to all countries issued by the World Customs Organization WCO. The establishment of HS codes will help all countries reach a consensus on product language.

Based on the HS code, the Customs Authorities will be able to determine and apply the appropriate import and export tax for the shipment, it will directly affect the price of the goods. In addition, the State can also rely on HS codes to statistic the import and export quantity of each type of goods in detail.

2. Meaning of each numbered unit in HS Code

The HS code system will divide the first 6 digits internationally as well as classify the types of products into sections including sections, chapters, heading, subheadings, and regional tariffs.

Section: the meaning of a section is to gather many types of goods with the same type, function, and composition together into a group of chapters. In the HS Code system, there will be 22 sections, each with its own legend.

Chapter: chapter is specified in the first 2 numbers of the code starting from 01 to 99. The chapter will display groups of goods closely related to each other. For example, chapter 72 would represent iron and steel, or Chapter 74 would represent copper and articles made from copper.

Heading: heading consisting of the following 2 characters after the chapter. The group will more detailly classify product categories with common characteristics and origins than the chapter. Continuing with the example of steel products with code 72, we can look through HS code 7208 with the following two numbers in the 08 category, which means that it will refer to steel products manufactured by hot rolled process or 7209 with ''09'' representing cold-rolled steel.

Subheading: the structure of an HS code will reflect the details of the product based on the last units in the number sequence. The subheading consists of the following 2 letters after the group, showing more specificity of the product. In order to make readers understand clearly, let's view carefully the following HS code 720827 - 72 for steel products and 08 for hot rolled steel products with a width of above 600mm. The last 27 indicates the thickness of the product, specifically with the example above being less than 3mm.

3. List of HS Codes of the steel industry in 2023

HS Code

Name of goods


Hot-rolled steel with a width over 600mm (HRC)

  • 720825

Thickness from 4.75mm or above

  • 720826

Thickness from 3mm and less than 4.75mm

  • 720827

Thickness less than 3mm

  • 720836

Thickness above 10mm

  • 720837

Thickness from 4.75mm to 10mm


Cold-rolled steel possessing a width over 600mm (CRC)

  • 720915

Thickness from 3mm or above

  • 720916

Thickness above 1 mm and less than 3mm

  • 720917

Thickness from 0.5mm to 1mm

  • 720918

Thickness less than 0.5mm


Plated steel with a width over 600mm

  • 721030

Galvanized steel (GI)

  • 72103011

Thickness less than 1.2mm

  • 72103012

Thickness above 1.2mm and below 1.5mm

  • 721061

Galvalume steel (GL)

  • 72106111

Thickness less than 1.2mm

  • 72106112

Thickness above 1.2mm and below 1.5mm

  • 721070

Pre-painted plated steel with and thickness of less than 1.5mm

  • 72107012

Pre-painted galvanized steel (PPGI)

  • 72107013

Pre-painted galvalume steel (PPGL)


Plated steel with width of less than 600mm

  • 721230

Galvanized steel (GI)

  • 721250

Galvalume steel (GL)


Steel pipe

  • 730630

Round steel pipe

  • 730661

Square steel pipe

Procedures for importing steel products are often a confusion for importers. Therefore, businesses need to know the HS code to determine if they will be subject to any additional taxes when buying and selling that type of products, thereby helping businesses update the plan promptly before additional fees incurred.

The above article is the entire content of the definition and how to look up the HS code provided to you by MRS Steel. At the same time, MRS Steel also added a lookup table for the most common HS codes in the steel industry today. If you want to learn more about the summary of HS codes for some types of steel related to anti-dumping tax and import tax in Vietnam in the most detail, please contact us immediately.