Importing the quality Z350 galvanized steel in Vietnam

Importing the quality Z350 galvanized steel in Vietnam

BlogDate: 29-12-2023 by: Ngoc Cam

Galvanized steel is one of the materials that are resistant to corrosion and good aesthetics should be used in many different industries and construction. One of the most popular types of galvanized steel is the Z350, featuring an outer protective layer providing a 'fence' against environmental factors. 

1. What is Z350 galvanized steel?

Galvanized steel is a type of steel coated with a layer of hot-dip zinc to enhance its outer surface. They are produced by hot-dip galvanizing at a temperature of 500oC or electroplating so that it corresponds to the desired thickness to increase the durability and aesthetics of the material.

Z350 steel corresponds to a zinc coating with a mass of 350 grams/m2 on both sides of the steel. Its corrosion resistance and high durability make it suitable for construction, household appliances, transportation and various industries.

2. Characteristics of Z350 galvanized steel

The construction industry and light industry account for about 30% of the need for galvanized demand, so you can easily see applications from Z350 steel in life. Why are they so popular and widely utilized?

Corrosion resistance

Galvanization is one of the most effective and economical steel protection methods for preventing rust. Currently, half of the world's zinc production is used for this process. Zinc not only provides a thick protective layer on the steel surface but also protects the steel through cathodic protection. If using products under normal conditions, the lifespan of Z350 steel structures can exceed 50 years and in corrosive environments or near the sea, it can still last around 20-25 years or more.

High hardness

The outstanding hardness of Z350 steel provides outstanding load-bearing capacity. Even in transportation with impacts, it does not compromise the quality, structure or lifespan of the galvanized steel.

Fast production process, easy inspection 

The process of producing Z350 steel is simple, easy to control quality, allowing factories to fulfill orders promptly.

Cost optimization

The cost of producing galvanized steel is quite optimal thanks to the cheap zinc coating, short galvanizing time, high durability, easy storage, ... resulting in long-term cost savings.

3. Application of Z350 steel in modern industries

Z350 galvanized steel products are mainly used in construction, light industry, cars, agriculture, animal husbandry, fishery and many other industries. Construction industries use galvanized steel to produce corrosion-resistant roofing sheets, construction mesh,... Meanwhile, the light industry utilizes Z350 steel for household appliance casings, chimneys kitchen appliances, ... In addition, in the automotive industry, this material is also popular in car anti-corrosion components,... In agriculture, galvanized steel is mainly used for cold storage, transportation or packaging tools.

4. Contact for importing products at MRS Steel

Once a country with the smallest economy in Southeast Asia, Vietnam has now become one of the fastest growing markets in the world, especially in the field of metal. According to the statistics of Worldsteel, Vietnam ranked 13th with the world's largest crude steel production in 2021. Notably, Vietnam has 2 representatives in the top 100 largest steel enterprises in the world, Hoa Phat and Formosa.

Technology improvements in galvanized steel production in general and Z350 steel in particular have helped Vietnam export to more than 30 countries and territories around the world, bringing Vietnam to join the group of steel exporting countries with turnover of over 10 billion USD. In particular, Vietnam has signed FTAs with more than 50 countries around the world so importers can enjoy 0% tax rate. The team of experts at MRS Steel with more than 12 years of experience in the field of supply and steel import support can meet all the best quality and price requirements for customers.

Z350 galvanized steel is highly applicable in the fields of life, so it is a key imported product of every country. Customers can access quality, reliable and the most affordable Vietnamese steel by contacting MRS Steel through WhatsApp: +84 76 911 2358 or Email: