Benefits of PPGI/PPGL in Sandwich Panel for Construction

Benefits of PPGI/PPGL in Sandwich Panel for Construction

BlogDate: 22-09-2023 by: Ngan Le

In construction, PPGI and PPGL are always on the list of the most popular materials because they help significantly improve building quality. Today, the functions of PPGI and PPGL have been constantly researched and developed by manufacturers of new types of building materials. A good example can be followed by taking advantage of PPGI/ PPGL in Sandwich Panel.

Define about Sandwich Panel and its structure.

Panel is the name of a popular building material in recent years. Panels are often used for roofing thanks to their thickness and sturdy structure, so they possess excellent heat resistance and sound insulation features.

A panel will usually have 3 layers of texture, and the top 3 layers will be bonded together by specialized glue:

Outer layer: the outermost layer of the panel is usually composed of pre-painted galvanized or pre-painted galvalume steel. The manufacturer often applies an electrostatic coating layer to increase the roof's aesthetics based on customers' color requirements.

Middle layer: the middle layer of the panel is shaped like a thick foam, and the primary use of the middle level is to improve sound resistance and heat insulation. Some common materials to make up the middle layer of the panel can be mentioned as PU, EPS, glass wool, mineral wool...

Inner layer: the innermost layer has the same structure as the outermost layer, but manufacturers often skip the color coating step because the innermost layer is considered a hidden layer of the panel, so painting will not be necessary.

structure of sandwich panel

Some benefits of PPGI/ PPGL in Sandwich Panel

Sound insulation and heat resistance

A panel's most prominent advantage to the construction project is the ability to sound and heat insulation. Thanks to the acquired 3-layer structure and the foam middle core with a soundproofing effect, the panel will be highly suitable for construction installation in urban areas where there is always noisy pollution.

In addition to the good soundproof foam core, the surface layer of the is also equipped with a layer of PPGI/PPGL in Sandwich Panel - a material that is famous for its thermal insulation thanks to its ability to reflect heat from the sun, thereby bringing a relaxed and comfortable working space for users.

Fire protection

Steel is essentially a material formed through heat treatment at high temperatures, so steel will not conduct fire. Especially with galvanized steel, the fire situation will be significantly reduced due to zinc layers. The panel with 3 constitutional layers is likened to a fireproof wall because it can survive in an environment that is up to 1000 degrees Celsius. Even in the combusted case, the fire that burns into the steel for a long time only causes the steel to shrink and fade, but not cause the steel to spread fire.


Eye-catching colors

To meet more requirements in construction design, manufacturers are increasingly investing in coating technology along with outstanding color gamut. One of the most common applications is using PPGI/PPGL in Sandwich Panel. Because these are locations installed outside, it is always required to ensure aesthetic quality.

Durable and anti-oxidation

If the panel only has a porous layer, it is easily corroded and negatively affected by external factors such as environmental humidity or oxidizing agents. Adding the coated layers on both sides will significantly extend the panel's life up to 50 years.

The galvanizing/galvalume layer is not only anti-corrosion, but it also helps the surface of the panel always maintain a bright and new outlook because the zinc-aluminum in PPGI/PPGL has a significant effect on anti-scratch for Sandwich Panel. It can be said that thanks to the combination of PPGI/PPGL and foam core, the panel not only meets the durability standards in structure but also brings sustainable beauty over time.

How to choose quality PPGI/PPGL in Sandwich Panel

Panels have many types, and each type has its own thickness and unique function, the price when buying the product is also partly affected by each panel type. Finding out and classifying prices will be even more difficult if you are an importer because the price depends a lot on the thickness of the surface corrugated board, the size of the width, the length, etc. Choosing a professional steel solution consultant will be wise for your trading strategy.


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