PPGI/PPGl: What You Need To Know Before Importing!

PPGI/PPGl: What You Need To Know Before Importing!

BlogDate: 17-01-2024 by: Nhu Quynh

Today, when the demand for use is increasing, many people have chosen PPGI/PPGL for their projects. So what should importers pay attention to before importing PPGI/PPGL? Consult with MRS Steel!

Choose the right PPGI/PPGL for the project

Currently, PPGI/PPGL are commonly used in civil works, with diverse designs, colors and materials. Depending on each project, the appropriate PPGI/PPGL is selected to maximize its functions when put into use. For each building architecture, it will be suitable for a different PPGI/PPGL, so it is necessary to clearly define the purpose of the project to choose the right PPGI/PPGI for your project.

Learn the utilities and special features of PPGI/PPGL

In addition to choosing PPGI/PPGL to suit each type of building, you also need to pay attention to some other important features of PPGI/PPGL such as: light weight; aesthetic value; sound insulation, heat insulation;...

  • Light weight: Lightweight PPGI/PPGL panels will make the construction and installation, as well as the repair and maintenance, easier, saving a lot of time and effort.
  • Aesthetics: Usually, PPGI/PPGL products are quite aesthetically pleasing; it is an important part of expressing your building style. Aesthetics are determined based on style and color. You can choose a style that suits the architecture of the building or choose colors according to interest.
  • Insulation ability: For some countries with harsh climates, the sound and heat insulation of PPGI/PPGL is even more effective. The use of PPGI/PPGL will help the building become cooler on hot days as well as limit noise.

Market price survey

You need to survey again to choose a good supplier in terms of both quality and price. For a product line, the price from each supplier will be different. Before importing, you should consult the prices of many suppliers, compare prices and choose products with reasonable costs. However, when choosing PPGI/PPGL, don't be cheap; cheap products may be poor quality and may affect your project. Therefore, if you are in need of long-term investment in architectural works, especially high-class apartments and villas, choose PPGI/PPGL with a high price segment to ensure durability and resistance for many years.

Choose brand, place of production

Quality is a prerequisite to ensuring the sustainability of the project. When choosing to import PPGI/PPGL, the most important thing to consider is the brand and the place of manufacture; this is something that many importers overlook. So if you choose, pay attention to the ISO product quality management certificate or certificate of origin; this helps to ensure the quality of the work. Choosing a reputable brand will help importers avoid buying fake and poor-quality goods on the market.

Currently, in the Vietnamese market, many famous brands produce and trade PPGI/PPGL, such as SY Steel VinaDong A, Nam Kim, Hoa Sen,... The products of Vietnamese enterprises always meet strict requirements slots for all projects, from civil projects to large-scale projects. With a source of qualified products, Vietnam is proud to provide importers with quality PPGI/PPGL products, an indispensable material solution for construction projects.

Hopefully, with the above sharing, MRS Steel will help importers have more information to choose beautiful and durable PPGI and PPGL products at a reasonable price for their projects!