Self-Supporting Roofing: A Modern Construction Solution with Many Advantages

Self-Supporting Roofing: A Modern Construction Solution with Many Advantages

BlogDate: 21-07-2023 by: Nhu Quynh

As a solution suitable for many different types of projects, self-supporting roofing is very popular today with a large number of people. Join MRS Steel to learn about self-supporting roofing and its uses.

1. What is self-supporting roofing?

Self-supporting roofing is a modern construction solution without support, such as trusses, purlins, or other structural components. As a bent metal ribbed profile, self-supporting roofing comes in a variety of sizes to fit customer needs. It offers greater volume, unrestricted circulation, efficient cargo handling, and enhanced usability.

Self-supporting roofing is considered to have created a revolution because it does not need any kind of support. To minimize maintenance costs and maximize corrosion resistance, the roofing sheets are mechanically weathered, sealed, and installed without errors, nuts, bolts,... Because it is done without making holes or drilling nuts and bolts, the total installation time is significantly reduced, increasing efficiency and saving costs for the project.

Self-supporting roofing sheets are manufactured from galvanized, color-coated coils ranging in thickness from 0.85mm to 1.6mm. All self-supporting roofing sheets are manufactured with the highest quality, meet American standards ASTM A792/A755, and contribute to the sustainability of the building.


2. Advantages and application of self-supporting roofing

2.1 Advantages of self-supporting Roofing 

Because they are made mainly from galvanized and color-coated steel coils, self-supporting roofing products are solid and durable, ensuring a long service life of 25–30 years.

As self-supporting roofing sheets, they do not require trusses, purlins, or any other structural components.

There are no holes, nuts, or bolts, so the construction time is short, saving time and costs for the project.

Made mainly from galvanized steel, it has high corrosion resistance, and 100% of self-supporting roofing products are rust-proof.

The roof has one span, so it withstands large volumes, has high aesthetics, and has thermal insulation.

2.2. Application of self-supporting roofing

Application for warehousing, service centers, and defense works: Self-supporting roofing is very suitable for warehouses, service centers,... thanks to its high corrosion and heat resistance. In addition, the durability of the roofing is also a factor that makes this roof suitable for long-term use with less damage.

Application in agriculture and animal husbandry: Instead of using greenhouses and other types of roofing, self-supporting roofing is easy to install and cost-effective, so it is often used in the livestock industry.


3. Galvanized steel - The primary raw material for self-supporting roofing

Galvanized steel is one of the primary raw materials for making self-supporting roofing sheets. Galvanized steel has a characteristic structure in the metallurgical process, so we will help protect the surface of the steel from external influences. Galvanized steels have a very long service life, so the maintenance costs of products and work are also minimized, bringing benefits to customers.

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