Top 6 reputable steel pipe manufacturers in Vietnam in 2024

Top 6 reputable steel pipe manufacturers in Vietnam in 2024

BlogDate: 26-06-2023 by: Nhu Quynh

Steel pipe is one of the materials used a lot in the construction industry and some other industries. Join MRS Steel to learn about the top 6 reputable steel pipe manufacturers in Vietnam in 2024 through the article below.

1. Hoa Phat Steel Pipe Co., Ltd

Hoa Phat Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. is Vietnam's leading steel pipe manufacturer. Since its inception on August 8, 1996, Hoa Phat steel pipe products have been distributed in Vietnam and foreign markets, including markets with strict quality requirements, such as Australia, Japan, Canada, and Europe.

The company's main products are:

  • Hot-dipped galvanized steel pipe.
  • Black welded steel pipe.
  • Pre-galvanized pipes.
  • Large-sized pipe.
  • Other industrial steel.


Hoa Phat, steel pipe products, are manufactured on modern lines and equipment according to ASTM, TCVN, and JIS standards,... The company's products have been supplied to many large projects and are highly appreciated by domestic and foreign customers.

2. Hoa Sen Group

Hoa Sen Group is one of the famous steel brands in domestic and foreign markets. Hoa Sen Group holds nearly 20% of the market share of steel pipes in Vietnam; this is Southeast Asia's No. 1 steel sheet exporter.

The steel pipe products produced by Hoa Sen Group are very diverse and abundant. Currently, Hoa Sen's main steel pipe products are:

  • Hoa Sen gold steel pipe
  • Galvanized steel pipe
  • Galvanized steel box
  • Hot-dip zinc steel pipe.


The quality, durability, and cost of Hoa Sen products are highly appreciated.

3. Ton Nam Kim

As a Vietnamese enterprise specializing in manufacturing and distributing cold corrugated iron products, galvanized iron products, steel pipes, and industrial steel products. Ton Nam Kim's products are trusted in the domestic market and have been exported to more than 50 countries and territories worldwide, such as the US, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia,...

Ton Nam Kim's products are manufactured according to the most advanced and modern technology lines of leading developed countries such as the US, Japan, Germany, Belgium,... Nam Kim steel pipe products produced include:

  • Galvanized steel pipe
  • Black steel pipe
  • Cast steel pipe
  • Welded steel pipes are manufactured according to ASTM, JIS,... 


4. Ton Dong A

Ton Dong A is one of the units specializing in producing box, galvanized, and pipe steel for industry and civil service. After many years of development, Ton Dong A’s steel pipe products have been present and covered globally. 

Many models of steel pipes from East Asia are of high quality and are widely applied, such as galvanized steel pipe, black steel pipe, cast steel pipe, welded steel pipe,... In addition, Ton Dong A also has ultrasonic steel pipe products that are extremely useful in pouring construction concrete. 


All products of Ton Dong A steel pipe are manufactured on a modern production line system, so they are completely guaranteed in terms of quality, especially being extremely friendly with the environment. With a wide variety of designs and forms, customers can freely choose the products that are good and suitable for their needs.

5. Sendo

As a significant steel pipe manufacturing company in Vietnam, Sendo is proud to supply the market with various types and models of steel products. Sendo's steel pipe products are available nationwide and used in critical projects nationwide. With the advantage of being a leading enterprise, Sendo is always committed to ensuring continuous supply and fully meeting customers' needs.

Currently, Sendo steel pipes products produced include:

  • Black steel pipes
  • Galvanized steel pipes
  • Hot-dipped galvanized steel pipes. 

Sendo's steel pipes are manufactured according to ASTM, JIS G3444 (1995), BS 1387 (1985), and TCVN standards.


6. TVP

TVP is one of the significant steel pipe manufacturers in Vietnam. After many years of operation, TVP has a nationwide distribution network. TVP's steel pipe products are very popular and widely used. With quality products and advanced and modern production processes, TVP's steel pipes are always highly appreciated by consumers.

TVP produces a full range of steel, such as: 

  • Galvanized steel pipe
  • Black steel pipe
  • Welded steel pipe
  • Cast steel pipe

Steel produced by TVP is always strictly controlled in the production process, so the products are of absolute quality.


MRS Steel shares valuable information about Vietnam's top 6 reputable steel pipe manufacturers in 2024. Hopefully, through this article, you will choose the most suitable steel pipe supplier. Customers can immediately contact WhatsApp at +84 76 911 2358 for more detailed advice.