ZAM Steel - Sustainable Coated Steel Trends For Future Works

ZAM Steel - Sustainable Coated Steel Trends For Future Works

BlogDate: 27-07-2023 by: Ngan Le

Besides galvanized steel and galvalume steel, the appearance of ZAM steel in recent years seems to blow a new trend of bringing sustainability to future constructions. So what features does ZAM corrugated sheet possess that many experts appreciate? Take a look at the article below!

1. Definition of ZAM steel & structural analysis

Zinc-Aluminium-Magnesium coated steel sheet (trade name ZAM sheet) is a new product in the galvanized steel industry, and it has been widely applied for 20 years recently. The ZAM steel line is the result of successful research in finding a new advanced galvanized steel solution to achieve higher durability than traditional galvanized steel.

ZAM steel is constituted of 3 main components including zinc element (Zn) combined with aluminum (Al) and Magnesium (Mg). Specifically, the structure of ZAM corrugated iron includes 3 layers as follows:

  • Base steel layer: the base steel layer is cold rolled steel, the function of the base steel layer reflects the product's durability, physical properties, and bearing capacity.
  • Galvanized layer: on top of the steel base layer, the manufacturer will coat a zinc layer to increase the product's oxidation resistance.
  • The protective layer is a zinc aluminum magnesium (ZAM) coating with a content of 6% aluminum and 3% magnesium.



2. Some outstanding advantages of ZAM steel

Oxidation resistance: ZAM steel offers oxidation and rust resistance compared to traditional galvanized steel. Accordingly, the experimental results show that the corrosion loss in ZAM steel is 16g/m2, while the figure in galvalume steel is twice as high at 38g/m2.

Low maintenance costs: Thanks to the added magnesium component, steel has significantly reduced corrosion when Mg has the effect of diffusing high-alkaline components through chemical reactions. Therefore, users don't need to worry about periodic maintenance costs when using ZAM corrugated steel.

Easy construction: ZAM steel has a more robust surface with higher hardness than galvanized steel, so when processing, rolling, or welding, ZAM steel will limit the cracked situation on the surface.

Long life: due to corrosion resistance being higher than galvanized steel 4 times, the life of ZAM steel will be longer. Specifically, it can last more than 20 years in any environment, even those in harsh conditions.


3. Application of ZAM steel in industrial fields

Although its history is later than other types of corrugated iron on the market, the popularity of ZAM Steel is gradually expanding. This product is applied a lot in fields from industry to consumer life.

ZAM steel has high abrasion resistance properties, so it will be highly suitable for products requiring friction resistance such as pump shafts, gears, and other structural parts in the shipbuilding industry.

In addition, the anti-corrosion and oxidation resistance also allows ZAM to be applied in the chemical industry such as chemical tanks, sewage treatment systems,... In addition, to its bearing properties and heat resistance, applications in the construction field such as making corrugated iron roofs for factory or high-rise buildings of ZAM steel are also pervasive.


ZAM steel has outstanding advantages that can help users apply them in many fields in life. Currently, on the market, MRS Steel is one of the reputable ZAM corrugated steel distributors bringing quality standard products with transparent prices for customers.

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