On April, 3rd  2019, India imposed an Anti-dumping Investigation on coated steel imported from Vietnam, Korea and China. 

Products under investigation are: Flat rolled product of steel, plated or coated with alloy of Aluminium and Zinc. This alloy of Aluminium and Zinc may contain one or more additional elements which in individual or in combination shall not exceed 3% by weight with HS Code 72106100, 72125090, 72259900 and 72269990 of the Customs Tariff Act, 1975. The PUC is also being imported under other Customs Tariff Items 72101290, 72103090, 72104900, 72106900, 72107000, 72109090, 72121090, 72122090, 72123090, 72124000, 72169910, 72255010, 72259100, 72259200, 72269930.


On July, 15th 2019, India issued a notice of the preliminary finding with duty from 28.68%  to 199.53%.


But on February, 21st 2020, India Government has imposed final result for this Investigation as below:

No Country of Origin/ or Export Country of Export Producer Duty Amount (USD/ton)
1 Korea RP Korea RP Dongkuk Steel Mill Co., Ltd 14.30
2 Korea RP Korea RP POSCO 56.96
3 Korea RP Korea RP POSCO Coated & Color Steel Co., Ltd 56.96
4 Korea RP Korea RP Dongbu Steel Co., Ltd 13.07
4 Korea RP Any Any other producer 84.47
5 Any country Korea RP Any 84.47
6 Vietnam Vietnam Ton Dong A Corporation 26.63
7 Vietnam Vietnam Hoa Sen Group 46.87
8 Vietnam Vietnam Tay Nam Steel Manufacturing and Trading Co., Ltd 48.96
9 Vietnam Vietnam Nam Kim Steel Joint Stock Company 81.30
10 Vietnam Any Any other producer 173.10
11 Any country Vietnam Any 173.10
12 China PR China PR Zhejiang Huada New Materials Co., Ltd 56.48
13 China PR Any Any producer 128.93
14 Any country China PR Any 128.93


Product under consideration as mentioned in column no 3 of the above table does not include the following products:  

Flat rolled steel products coated with Zinc without addition of Aluminum;

Flat rolled steel products coated with Aluminum without addition of Zinc;

Pre-painted or color coated Aluminum Zinc alloy coated steel sheets (Pre-coated SGL sheets). 

Accordingly, the results for factories in South Korea and Vietnam are more variable when the tax is reduced by about half with preliminary results. 

According to preliminary results, Dongkuk Steel from Korea is the lowest anti-dumping tax factory, only 28.67 USD/ton and the rest of Korea’s taxes are taxed at 113.4USD/ton and 122.6 USD/ton. But now, Dongkuk Steel is taxed onty 14.30 USD/ton and the lowest anti-dumping tax factory is Dongbu Steel Co., Ltd with 13.07 USD/ton. 


For mill in Vietnam, the lowest tax rate was Ton Dong A with 45.35 USD/ton in preliminary results. Now they is taxed only 26.63 USD/ton, while the highest tax rate for millers not involved in the survey is just 173.10 USD/ton.


Taxes on factories in China have not changed much, just slightly. The lowest tax rate for mill in China is 56.48 USD/ton for Zhejiang Huada New Material factory and also the only Chinese mill participating in the survey. The remaining factories receive tax of 128.93 USD/ton.


With the above tax rates, Vietnamese manufacturers still have many opportunities for the Indian market when the sources of goods in China, Japan or Korea are scarce due to Corona Virus disease.


MRS team, with long-term experience in the steel industry and having relationships with many potential markets in the world, can fully support the plant in finding new market solutions in the worst case.


In addition, to penetrate markets with technical barriers such as Malaysia with SIRIM, Indonesia with SNI certification, countries in Oceania with laboratory certification, …. MRS is available with knowledgeable personnel who are always ready to assist the plant in registering these certifications.


To better understand trade defense policies or technical barriers, please feel free to contact us:


Ms Lan – Juridical Division

Email: lan@mrs.com.vn

Mobile – WhatsApp: 00 84 962343746.

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