On July 10, 2019, Australia opened an Accelerated Review of the resistance to aluminum-galvanized steel imported from China at the request of a new exporter – Zhejiang Huada New Materials Co., Ltd.

Anti dumping duty on this item has been applied since before and this importer once asked for a quick review in February this year. However, it seems that the results were not as expected, so they demanded another assessment but this time only related to anti-countervailing duties.

Besides, on June 24, 2019, Australian Department of Industry, Innovation and Science also launched a new investigation on Hot products galvanizing steel angle imported from China. The investigation period determined from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018 and July 31, 2019, is the deadline for submitting a Questionnaire response to this investigation.

In addition, Australia also investigated anti-dumping on some other products imported from China such as aluminum extrusions, deep drawn stainless steel sinks, steel reinforcing bar.

Australia does not have a strong steel industry but is a potential market for producers so it cannot escape the vision of the world factory that is China. Anti-dumping, anti-subsidy or anti-countervailing lawsuits are not only aimed at protecting the domestic steel market but also balancing the source of imports in this market.


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