Japan is an archipelago country located in East Asia. Considered as an economic powerhouse, Japan is the third-largest global economy by gross domestic product, as well as the third by purchasing power parity after the United States and the People’s Republic of China according to IMF’s World Economic Outlook Database 2018. It is also the 4th country in the world in terms of exports and 6th in the world in terms of imports.

Although Japan has the advantage of a booming economy, Japan is not favored by the mother of nature, a country in the “ring of fire” of the Pacific Ocean, Japan is constantly affected by battles major natural disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes, storms, volcanoes. This is also the reason why Japan is always cautious in building infrastructure and maintaining quality of life for people. To meet that demand, this country has to tighten the quality of input materials.

Moreover, Japan is known as the top exporting country in the world and a member of the Group of Seven. This shows that the production capacity, production technology, and product quality must meet the high standards so that Japan can receive trust and prestige from other import markets to have the status as it is today. That is why Japan also sets specific standards for products imported into this market, both to promote the effects of technical barriers and to control the quality of goods circulating in the national market.

Thus, to enter this difficult market, the goods are required to meet JIS standards. JIS stands for Japanese Industrial Standard. This is a set of specific standards and instructions for use in Japanese industrial activities. The JIS standardization process is coordinated by the Japan Industrial Standards Committee (JISC) and promulgated through the Japan Standards Association (JSA). The Japan Industrial Standards Committee is comprised of many national committees and plays a key role in the standardization of activities in Japan.

Similar to other countries, Japan also has an organization in charge of registration and certification under JIS standards, which is JIC Quality Assurance (JICQA).

To acquire JIS Certificate, manufacturers will through JICQA to register for the whole production line of the factory. Besides, manufacturers can also register lot by lot for each shipment to Japan. Procedures for registration for the whole production line usually go through the following basic steps:

Step 1: Submit the application form and wait for approval

Step 2: Prepare necessary documents for factory audit

Step 3: Factory audit and product testing

Step 4: If the inspection report and the product test results meet the requirements, JIS Certificate will be granted

At first glance the process will be very simple, but the factory will have trouble in different stages if it does not understand what JICQA requires. As a result, it can lead to failure to ensure the schedule for the factory to be granted the Certificate.

Moreover, with the Registration procedure for the whole production line, the documents for the Registration step and the Factory audit step are extremely complicated, requiring a complete set of items and the follow-up according to the forms required by JICQA. 

Simultaneously, one of the special features that make JIS become one of the tough standards is the high and detailed requirements on the Quality control system and Quality Control manager background. About the Quality control system, the auditors not only check the Certificate but also check process by process to make sure the factory follows ISO 9001 properly. Regarding the Quality control manager, JIS also requires various degrees and certificates that illustrate his expertise in the field of product quality control. This partly causes pressure and impedes the factory to register product quality according to JIS standards.

However, MRS Team with experience in registering product quality licenses, we can guide manufacturers to prepare the appropriate documents and prepare the appropriate samples as required.

It may take the manufacturers 5 or 6 months to get a JIS Certificate with a lot of costs. But with MRS Team, the time will be shortened and takes only 2-3 months.

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