On 13th March, 2020, Miti issued an Notice of initiation of an Anti-Dumping Duty investigation on flat rolled product of non-alloy steel plated or coated with aluminium and zinc originating or exported from China, Korea and Vietnam.

The petition was lodged by NS Bluescope Malaysia, the only domestic producer of this product in Malaysia.

The products under Investigation has HS Code as follows: 7210.61.11 00; 7210.61.12 00; 7210.61.19 00, 7210.61.91 00; 7210.61.92 00; 7210.61.99 00; 7212.50.23 00; 7212.50.24 90; 7212.50.29 10 and 7212.50.29 90.


The Questionnaire will send to the Malaysian industry and any association of producers in Malaysia; the producers or exporters in China, Korea and Vietnam; the importers and any association of importers named in the petition; the Governments of China, Korea and Vietnam. All interested parties can participate in this investigation even if the questionnaire has not been received.

The Questionnaire response must be submitted within thirty days after the publication of the Notice. 


Malaysia currently imposes anti-dumping duties on galvanized steel and color coated steel for Vietnam, South Korea and China. The investigation of galvalume steel products seems to prevent all imports of coated steel from these manufacturers into the Malaysian market.

However, whether this is the right direction when domestic production of Malaysia can not meet the demand of use, while China, Vietnam, South Korea are major import manufacturers most in Malaysia.

The current world economic situation is facing many difficulties due to the impact of Coronavirus. This move by Malaysia can be seen as a difficult step for manufacturers.

However, the MRS Team with experience handling Anti-dumping issues can help the factory pass this investigation.

To better understand trade defense policies or technical barriers, please feel free to contact us:

Ms Lan – Juridical Division

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