On July 28, 2020, the Malaysia Ministry of International Industry and Trade (MITI) initiated an administrative review concerning anti-dumping duties imposed based on a petition filed by Mycron CRC Steel Sdn Bhd on behalf of the domestic industry producing the like products. This sunrise review is only applicable for cold-rolled coils of alloy and non-alloy steel products originating from Vietnam.

Accordingly, the petitioner claimed that there is a substantial change in the dumping margin for the imports of subject merchandise originating or exported from Viet Nam since the imposition of anti-dumping duties on imports of cold-rolled coils of alloy and non-alloy steel on 8 May 2019.

After nearly 6 months of review, the Government has completed the administrative review and determined that the dumping margin has changed for the imports of subject merchandise originating or exported from Viet Nam. Therefore, the anti-dumping duties imposed on imports of the subject merchandise have now been revised as follows:

No. Exporters Dumping margin
1 China Steel Sumikin Viet Nam Joint Stock Company 33.70%
2 POSCO-Viet Nam Co., Ltd. 7.42%
3 Others 33.70%


The Royal Malaysian Customs Department will enforce the collection of the revised antidumping duties effective from 24 January 2021 to 23 May 2021.

This trade defense measure was initiated by MITI in March 2019 with the final decision to impose anti-dumping duty on 4 countries: China, Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam. In which, the previous anti-dumping duty applied to Vietnamese exporters ranges from 7.70% to 20.13%. Thus, compared with the old tax rate, the new tax rate has increased dramatically, causing a significant impact on the export activities of Vietnamese exporters.

It can be seen that Vietnamese exporters not only did not take action to minimize the dumping margin but also made it worse and worse, leading to the results of this administrative review. Therefore, Vietnamese exporters should stop this action immediately, focusing on improving quality, innovating production technology to produce high quality and low-cost products. From there, it is possible to compete fairly not only in Malaysia market in particular but also in other markets in the world in general.

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