Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) has just issued a series of decisions to exempt the application of anti-dumping measures for steel products for 2020 and 2021.

In order to make these final decisions, the Trade Remedies Authority of Vietnam (TRAV) issued a Notice of receipt of the request for exemption from anti-dumping measures on September 9, 2020. Based on the exemption request dossier provided by the enterprises and the exemption conditions, the TRAV has compiled the data and submitted it to the MoIT to get the final decisions.

Accordingly, this measure is applied to the following items:

  1. Cold-rolled stainless steel products originating from the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of Indonesia and Taiwan (Case code: AD01)
  2. Coated steel products from the People’s Republic of China and Republic of Korea (Case code: AD02)
  3. Flat-rolled alloy or non-alloyed pre-painted steel products originating from the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Korea (Case code: AD04).

Enterprises are entitled to a refund of the anti-dumping duty paid for the shipments of exempt imports and the customs declaration registration but the imported goods must satisfy the exempt HS code range.

According to the Summary List of Exemptions from the application of anti-dumping measures, there are a total of 3 enterprises exempted in 2020 and 24 exempted enterprises in 2021. These are enterprises mainly import the aforementioned products to Vietnam for production materials, manufacturing refrigerators, washing machines, TV covers, car bodies, cans, boxes, writing boards.

In terms of the number of exemptions granted, each business is exempt from the amount ranging from a few tens of tons to thousands of tons, the lowest is 50 tons and the highest is 4743 tons. This figure is assessed as quite satisfactory, bringing many positive effects for importers.

However, the Investigating Authority has the right to inspect, examine the post-exclusion and/or revoke the exemption decision if it is found that the organization or individual does not comply with the provisions of the exemption decision; there is fraud in the provision of information, dossier, record related to production and business activities; not performing periodic reporting obligations.

Therefore, in order to secure their interests, businesses need to have the responsibility to comply with their conditions of exemptions and obligations to ensure that they get the most out of them. 

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