Do you agree with me that India is a potiental market, but it’s also a difficutl market?

Difficulties in product quality, so they have a separate set of standards with strict rules in registering product quality certificates. That’s why there is a BIS Certificate.


The main thing is that BIS License shall be granted to the manufacturers only not to the importers or the sellers. So, you must be the manufacturers if you want to register BIS Certificate.

The BIS Certificate registration process takes place in a long time with strict requirements on documents and high technology. Sample must be tested in BIS Laboratory.


You need to prepare a set of documents for the audit, such as:

+ Document authenticating establishment of Brand/Liaison Office of the Applicant/of the Agent appoitment by the Applicant in India, such as certificate in respect of incorporated company, partership deed in respect of firm, etc.., including permission from the Reserve Bank in India, wherever applicable.

+ Nomination of the authorized representative of the Liaison/Brand Office of the Applicant/legally appoitment Agent of the Applicant, as the case may be, duty executived by the Applicant on its letterhead, as per format of the Bureau.

+ Process Flow-chart showing complete manufacturing process (from procurement of raw material/components to the storage of finished product).

+ Quality assurance system being followed in factory (e.g. copy of Quality Manual, Quality Plan, Test Formats, etc.)

+ Details of other Certifications, if any, for the product and/or Systems in the factory.

+ List of Manufacturing Machinery.

+ List of Test equipment.

+ Drawing of the Product and/or Components.

+ Appoitment Letter, Qualification Certificate and Experience details of Lab In-charge/Technical/Quality Control Personnel permanently employed.

+ Test report from an independent accredited lab and/or Applicant’s own in-house lab.

+ Layout Plan of the factory premises, clearly showing location of major manufacturing machinery, laboratory, etc …

+ Location Plan of the factory from the nearest Airport/Railway Station/Landmark and guidance as how to reach from India.

+ Details about the previous licences held/ licences cancelled/ applications rejected. Reasons for such cancellation/ rejection and/ or conviction in the past, if any, under the BIS Act, 1986 shall also be stated in the Application Form.


However, with the experience of registering BIS certification for many customers in Vietnam and the cooperation with our partners in India, we can confidently help you register for BIS certification in the smoothest way.


– Overcome the technical barrier of India.

– Trademark Registration in India.

Regular time:

5 – 6 MONTHS

Sample case:

We have registered BIS certificates for GI, GL, PPGI / PPGL for some steel mills in Vietnam within only 2 months. During the registration of BIS certificate, we registered with the trademark owner for the factory in India. After being certified, we track the renewed time and support the factory in the export procedures.