Your company has a long history with high brand recognition. It is the high identity that makes your brand more susceptible to theft by unhealthy competitors both at domestic and in potential markets. This is the reason why you need to register your trademark for a trademark as soon as you prepare to enter a new market.


If you do not register to own the trademark you will be able to:

– Stolen from competitors;

– Being impersonated by a competitor by using your label on their product.

– Cannot register some Product Certificates such as SIRIM, SNI, BIS, … of import countries.


The process to register trademark in foreign country is not too difficult but not easy, because you must have a deep understanding of the laws and be allowed to access the electronic information system of that country.


But don’t worry, we’re always here and ready to help you overcome the legal barriers. With us, your brand will be absolutely protected. We can:

– Consult and preliminary access trademark to determine the ability to apply for trademark registration;

– Consult about signs which are identical with or confusing similar to others, which lead to impossibility of granting protection title;

– Consult about trademark groups to avoid being denied of formality and contents during the accessing process at the National Office of Intellectual Property;

– Consult about emending trademark to increase the opportunities of granting the protection title;

– Consult about direct trademark registration in each country or through Madrid international registration system, by which only one application needed to applied but nominate several countries. When applied through Madrid international system, first of all, trademark should be applied or registered in Vietnam, depends on that country belongs to Madrid Protocol or Madrid Agreement;

– Represent for clients, enterprises, foreign clients to apply, adjust and extend the validity for Trademark Protection Title;

– Analyze the validity of the Trademark Protection Title and the ability of violating protected trademark rights in Vietnam and other countries;

– Negotiate, draft, examine and register trademark rights assignment contracts or trademark rights licenses contracts in Vietnam and other countries;

– Consult about building and improving trademarks;

– Protest against trademark application;

– Conduct complaints about establishment and protection of trademark rights.


– Protected trademark in the country of registration.

– Being able to compete fairly with domestic products of the country of registration.

Regular time:

3 days – 1 year, base on your product.

Sample case:

We have registered trademarks for companies in the field of steel and agriculture in many markets in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, …