The society is growing, goods in the market are increasingly diverse, the competition in price and quality of goods among manufacturers helps consumers have more choices.


The market has many unknown items

Meanwhile, the market appears many fake goods, poor quality goods that affect the health and spirit of consumers. Therefore, their selected criteria are gradually changing from price to quality.


Quality creates prestige

Whether you are a trader, a manufacturer or an importer & exporter, the ultimate goal is to make a profit. In order to create long-term profits, the issue of prestigous construction is a pressing issue not to be missed, but the reputation of the manufacturer is created by the quality of the product.


How necessary is a quality report for you?

Today, for product quality to be recognized, businesses cannot subjectively declare that their products are very good quality, but have a much more objective, authentic way, that is to meet standards and accredited standards of quality.


What is the quality report?

A quality report helps evaluate the organization’s current control systems designed to ensure the quality of products, services and processes. Well-organized quality reports can be used by other professionals to help improve the organization’s products and processes.


The complex procedures

But the process and procedures for product quality will cost you much time and effort because you have little knowledge about them.


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You are puzzled about how to be recognized product quality? Don’t worry, we are always ready to assist you. MRS is one of the most reputable companies in the field of providing consulting services, supporting to get quality report in Vietnam.

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– Create trust for customers about product quality.

– Overcome import customs barriers on quality inspection.

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base on your product

Sample case:

We registered for quality testing for a series of specific products such as steel, cosmetics, agricultural products, … and help these products have full quality certification to import into many difficult markets. calculated as EU, Oceania, South America, …