Your company has a factory. The domestic market is saturated, and you want to bring your products to the world market.

You found Malaysia market but face technical barrier – SIRIM product certification.

Let us tell you about SIRIM Certification. SIRIM is an exclusive unit licensed to certify goods imported into Malaysia.


To get SIRIM Certificate, manufacturers and importers need to provide a wide range of documents, such as:

– List Components and Raw Materials.

– Process Flow Chart and Actual Diagram at the factory.

– Quality Control Checking Schedule of Factory.

– Product Test Equipment and Calibration.

– Procedure for Handling of Non-Comforming Product and Actual record for a specific case.

– Procedure for Handling of Customer Complaint and Actual record for a specific case.

– Export and Import License.

– Master List ISO and Certificate of its.

– Standard Operating Procedures of ISO Quality Control.

… and many other documents documents.


The process to get SIRIM Certificate is so hard. You need to go through many stages:

– First: Register your trade mark in Malaysia.

– Second: Submit your application to SIRIM and waiting for answer.

– Third: Prepare necessary documents for verification.

– Fouth: Prepare sample for audit.

– Fifth: Prepare for the auditor of the inspector from SIRIM.

– Sixth: Monitor post-inspection activities such as information support for auditor performing reports.

– Finish: Get your certification after being approved.


If you do not have experience, you do not know how to prepare necessary documents and the process will take 4, 5 or even 6 months. When you are anxious to export to Malaysia, that time is very long and you will spend a lot of effort.


But we have a lot of experience in mass certification for manufacturers in Vietnam, always here and willing to assist you. You just need to trust us, all the rest we will handle.


– Overcome the technical barrier of Malaysia.

– Trademark Registration in Malaysia.

– Saving from a few thousand to several tens of thousands of dollars for inspection fees for each export shipment.

Regular time:

45 – 60 DAYS

Sample case:

We have registered SIRIM certificates for GI, GL, PPGI / PPGL for some steel mills in Vietnam within only 2 months. During the registration of SIRIM certificate, we registered with the trademark owner for the factory in Malaysia. After being certified, we track the renewed time and support the factory in the export procedures.