TIS Certificate is a quality certificate of goods issued by the Thai Industrial Standards Institute. Like other countries, Thailand has its own quality standards system, and Thailand’s standard system is Thailand Industrial Standard. According to the Royal Thai Law, countries that want to import into Thailand must comply with this standard system, however, some products are required to register for TIS Certificate, others do not.


The first step in the TIS Certificate registration process is to apply for a certification according to TISI standards.

Next is to prepare documents and propose a project to implement certification for TISI.

Immediately after that, the factory will have to prepare product samples to inspect at the Lab. The difficulty here is that the sample will only be inspected in designated laboratories or if the factory already has a Lab Certificate, then the sample test must still be supervised by the TISI Inspector.

Besides, the Inspector will also inspect the factory, verify the documents that the factory has prepared.

After the verification is completed, the factory has to wait a little longer for Test Report, Inspection Report and waiting for these two Reports to be approved by TISI.

Finally, TISI will issues Certificate if the factory meets the requirements.

The TIS Certificate registration process is similar to the standard certification process of other countries in Southeast Asia. However, if you do not know the process and have no experience, it will be very time consuming and costly.

Factories will often not understand the regulations to prepare documents, samples or satisfy assessors, because their strengths are only production expertise. And so, sometimes they will make the registration process unfavorable and encounter some troubles.

However, MRS Team with market knowledge and technical barrier regulations are available to support factories on this new regulation.


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