Recently, U.S News & World Report has released a ranking of the best economies to invest in this year. Accordingly, Vietnam ranked 8th in the top 20 best economies to invest in 2019, up from last year’s position of 23.

To provide a ranking of the 20 best economies to invest in 2019, U.S. News & World Report surveyed more than 21,000 people from 80 countries around the world, including the opinion of about 7,000 company leaders around the world to make a decision.

The assessment is based on 8 criteria, including entrepreneurship, economic stability, favorable tax policy, creativity, skilled labor, technological expertise, dynamism and participation corruption.

Vietnam is a developing country with many preferential policies for investment from the Government. Besides, the young, creative and always highly dynamic human resource is also a remarkable plus point of Vietnam.


As of September 2019, Vietnam’s economic growth rate reached 7.1%, ranking among the top in the world. This is further proof of Vietnam’s economic development.

Besides, Vietnam also ranked in the top 10 countries worth living with foreigners.

The HSBC survey is based on 18,000 foreigners living in 163 countries around the world. Last year Vietnam only ranked 18th in this ranking.

According to the survey, Vietnam is a great choice for experienced foreigners. Foreigners coming to Vietnam are more attracted to the colorful culture and persuaded by the friendly locals.

The attractiveness of Vietnam has increased significantly in the past few years and especially, foreigners are impressed with the magnificent scenery, unique culture and the positive balance of working life in Vietnam. This makes Vietnam one of the most popular options for foreigners who have had experience living abroad.

Most expats who move to Vietnam say they can quickly adjust to life here and quickly feel at home in just a few months. This is largely due to the openness of the Vietnamese and they are willing to encourage foreigners to participate in cultural events that lead to friendship that only takes a short time to form.


Foreigners are also attracted to the benefits of working in Vietnam. Many people receive high salaries while the cost of living is relatively low, allowing them to be more comfortable in spending than to enjoy the products, services, … that Vietnam provides.

With an ever-improving work-life balance, it is not surprising that foreigners can have more time to invest in making friends in Vietnam.

With the above advantages, Vietnam must be an ideal investment destination for foreign investors. To start a new business in Vietnam is not too difficult, but for a foreigner who is not yet familiar with Vietnamese law, it will surely be a few troublesome and time-consuming.

However, with a deep understanding of Vietnamese law and experience working with authorities, the MRS team can confidently assist you in starting a new business in Vietnam. You just need to tell us your business idea, we will support you to the maximum so you can rest assured to start your business in Vietnam.

Moreover, Vietnam is famous for its beautiful landscapes, impressive culture and rich cuisine. Start a new business in Vietnam, you can experience very interesting things from Vietnam.

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