Brazil buyers have many choices of steel suppliers all over the world because Brazil is one of the most potential steel market up until now.

In particular, Brazilian civil construction activity grew in August, rose to 49.2 points, compared to 47.8 points in August 2018, which is the benefit to both domestic distributors and global suppliers.

However, Brazilian flat steelmakers have recently announced to domestic distributors an 10%  increase in their prices for early October. “By October 7, all flat steel producers should start applying new prices”, according to India president Carlos Loureiro on Tuesday September 24. There are two main reasons of this case. First is the reduced competition from imported material. Second is the removing discounts that have been granted to domestic buyers.


What is the problem to Brazil Buyers?
When Brazilian flat steel producers set to raise prices, Brazil buyers will have less competitive advantage. Therefore, they can not only focus on domestic sources. They will definitely look for another global potential suppliers.


Which steel mill is the most considerable for Brazil Buyers?

Vietnam Steel Mill is the most considerable supplier for Brazil Buyers.

Vietnam steel industry in the first 7 months of 2019 was relatively stable in both the market and the price. Steel production and export sales growth showed 7.2% and 10%, respectively, compared to the same period in 2018, as Vietnam Steel Association (VSA) said.

For reference:

Steel Production and Export Sales of Vietnam Steel Mills in 7 months of 2019


Furthermore, Vietnam steel mills have many strengths as:

1, For Hot Rolled Steel Material, Formosa Ha Tinh mill from Vietnam has supplied a total of 2.1 million tons of HRC steel in the six-month period 2019, 42% higher over the same period and exported about 20% of production, while most HRC is consumed domestically.

2, New investments and modern production lines from top brands in the world as Tenova, Danieli from EU.

3, Cheap labor cost with population up to 100 millions people to lower costs and achieve higher competitive prices.

4, Cheap transportation cost with coast line of 3,260 km and also in center of South East Asia which is convenient for many shipments all over the world.

Accordingly, Vietnam steel mill has many strength to be the most considerable supplier for Brazil buyers and global importers.

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