Vietnam is a steel center in Asean area with thousands Vietnamese steel mills in various scales and types of products. Divided into two main sections flat steel and long steel, there are main manufacturers that lead the market. But the question is among many suppliers, how to find a good one?

There are some basic parameters that help buyer has preliminary assessments which steel mill they should communicate with such as scale and capacity, production lines and equipments, production team and personnel system, finance, experience, renown in market, ISO…

After determine all these factors, following procedures are sample inspection, price discussion, mill tour and meeting, other terms and conditions agreement… And a new cooperation will be established.


However, in this “fast” steel industry, the process is reversed. Many transactions are started by price first. Of course every buyer has their own intention, purpose, market segment and purchasing method. Almost Vietnamese steel mills have never got fame in this steel market about low price steel products because of other strong players like China, India, Turkey… But if you are interested in Vietnamese steel mills, there must be some reasons and this article is for you.

Let’s take example for coated steel coil industry and two main factors price and quality, how to find a high quality steel supplier with competitive price.


Firstly, coated steel coil price and quality depends on raw material. Main HRC sources in Vietnam are from China, India, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Russia… and Vietnam. Each source of HRC has its own price level, position and brand name. And depend on each market segment, each steel mill will choose appropriate material. 

Secondly, production lines and production team are also very important factors affecting quality of finished products. And if buyer has concern on quality, they will need to discover the origin of production lines in steel mill. Some well known lines are from Danieli, Tenova, Nippon… And experience of production team also plays a not less important role as production lines.

Thirdly, Vietnamese steel mills have very typical selling policy and style of management. Many buyers pay less concern on these characteristics; however, it’s selling policy and style of management that can help buyer has big advantages when making any deal with mills.

Fourthly, salesman is key link to match the demand of buyer with actual ability of steel mill. This person in charge needs to show function and ability to consult the most appropriate purchasing solution for customer with clear and honest information about their steel mill, their competitive steel mills, their products and market trend.


In spite of buyer understands all these factors, they do not have enough time to discover every single mill to find the most suitable suppliers for their business. And as the Iceberg Theory of Hemingway, there are many untold stories in every factory and every order. So it is quite risky when buyer just depends on one or two suppliers.

As a trading company who have deep understanding about strengths and weaknesses of Vietnamese steel mills and Vietnamese steel industry, MRS Steel always give our customers the best purchasing decision with suitable material from steel mills with identified input material and good quality control system. MRS steel will give you the best services with the most competitive price corresponding to quality.

We really hope to have a chance to support your business and we are very pleased to discuss more with you.

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Comment from Reader

  • Dear My,

    First thing first, I would like to introduce our company so you can better understand what are our needs and how our cooperation can be successful. Grand Artic factory is producing Spectacle Cases for over 20 years ( We moved our operations to Cambodia about 5 years ago, in order to remain competitive. Our business is now increasing very fast as the major buyers of optical industry are looking for suppliers outside of China We produce about 8 millions cases per year, and should increase to 10-15 millions cases per year from next year.

    To manufacture our products we need some CRC rolls, SPCC 0.4mm ( we might switch later to 0.35mm). Our annual needs are today 800 tons, and should double in the coming year.

    We have filled a quotation request for a typical 20 f container order. Please kindly revert your best quotation and please forward this email to the person in charge of customer relations so we may discuss further.

    Dane soa
    5 February, 2020
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