Currently, the manufacturing industry in Vietnam is growing stronger and more factories appear.

For production, the quality of goods is always at the top and is the basis for customers to evaluate products on the market.

In order to get products to market with good quality, the factory needs to have strict quality inspection process for each product right from the end of the production. 

Therefore, each factory needs its own Laboratory to be able to carry out testing for its products.

However, in order to increase the prestige the factory’s laboratory should register for certification according to VILAS ISO 17025: 2005 standard. This is the standard for the Laboratory not only in Vietnam but also worldwide.

In some countries in the Oceania region, compulsory customs must be inspected by a certified laboratory in accordance with VILAS ISO 17025: 2005 to be cleared.

Therefore, the registration of VILAS ISO 17205: 2005 certification is a necessity for manufacturing factories.

The process of registration for certification of VILAS ISO 17205: 2005 is not too difficult but the long registration period is due to dependence on the registration program of the certifying party. Therefore, in many cases will affect the manufacturer’s time.

For manufacturers who have no experience, this process can last up to 9 months or 1 year. In addition, the certificate holder must also meet the requirements of personnel and facilities such as the technician’s level, laboratory equipment and the condition of machinery preservation.

MRS Team, with experience and understanding of VILAS, is always ready to support factories and importers in registering new VILAS Certificate.


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