Nowadays, galvanized steel sheet in coil manufactured in Vietnam has been produced massively with new updated modern production lines, mainly supplied by top global brands Danieli and Tenova in Europe. By this way the quality is better and better improved time after time and shortly reaching the quality level of Japan, Korea, Taiwan when compared with galvanized steel produced by outdated production lines from most of the old flat coated steel mills in the world (mostly from China and India).

Global importers now should pay attention to Vietnam galvanized flat steel since there are advantages as following:

  1. China, India, Korea, Taiwan, Japan have faced huge duty of Anti-dumping and safeguard cases from many big import markets like USA, EU, Mexico, Canada, India, Middle East,… In this way, Vietnam galvanized steel coil is one of the best sources to import with very competitive price and good quality.
  2. Vietnam galvanized steel is with good quality because of new investments, new updated modern production lines from top machine and equipment brands in the world like Tenova, Danieli from EU.
  3. Vietnam joins many FTA agreements with USA, EU, Canada, Chile, India, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico… This helps galvanized steel from Vietnam can be exported to these markets with 0% import duty.
  4. Vietnam has cheap labor cost with population over 100 million people.
  5. Vietnam has cheap transportation cost of seaway and roadway with coast line of 3,260 km. Its location is also at the heart of South East Asia for the most convenience of transportation to deliver shipments to over the world.

Galvanized steel sheet in coil manufactured in Vietnam is suitable for many applications like: Ductwork, studs, ceiling, door frame, truss, decking, purlin, batten, truss, steel frame, steel building, greenhouse projects…

Thickness range: 0.30 to 3.00 mm

Width: 914, 1000, 1200, 1219, 1250 mm

Grade: Commercial quality and full hard

Coating: Z60 to Z350

Surface treatment: Cr3, Cr6, oiled or unoiled, anti-finger…

Spangle: Minimized, zero, regular


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