A pre-engineered building or PEB is a metal building frame that includes a structural system and often also roof and wall cladding. A PEB building is fabricated at a factory and assembled at site. Hence, PEB are widely preferred in Middle East countries due to various advantages such as saving of labor cost, quick, time saving and easy installation. Especially, PEB constructions can minimize the blockage of public space and also consistence in quality.

A PEB is portal frame construction consists of primary, secondary framing and bracing system. Secondary framing system is mainly purlins and girts of Z or C shapes of various sizes. These purlins are made using from galvanized steel coil to cold form the steel sheets into expected shapes and sizes. The common sizes to produce purlins are from galvanized steel coil 1.5mm to 3.0mm thickness with a high zinc coating mass Z275 g/m2 on both sides to protect the corrosion.

At MRS Steel, we supply galvanized steel coil for PEB comes with a wide range of dimensions: 

Thickness (mm) 0.75 – 3.0 mm
Width (mm) 750 – 1250 mm
Zinc Coating Mass (g/m2) Z60 – Z275 g/m2/ both sides
Tensile strength Min 270 MPa


If you are looking to import galvanized steel coil for PEB from Vietnam with competitive price to win orders and projects from your clients, please feel free to contact me at:


Mobile/Whatsapp/Viber: + 84 938 317 622

Email: tung@maresos.com


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  • Ali Siali
    9 September, 2020

    Dear Mr Andrew
    We are an Omani manufacturing company of PEB Components like Sandwich Panels, Profile Sheets, Purlins and Decking Sheets. We are very much interested in your Raw Material and I would appreciate if someone from Sales could get back to me.

    Thank you and best regards

    Ali Siali

    Cimat Global – General Manager

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