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The Emergence Of Many Canada Mexico Importers Approached Vietnam Steel Suppliers

The July with the emergence of many importers from Canada and Mexico approached Vietnam suppliers. Specifically, the total export volume to each market of Canada and Mexico imported nearly 9,000 tons for each area, affirming that Vietnam is a source of quality and prestige steel supplies to these markets.

Cancellation of Section 232 of Mr. Trump for Mexico and Canada has made the domestic steel flow of these two countries shift to export to the United States …..

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What is VILAS? Why Need to Register for VILAS Certification?

Currently, the manufacturing industry in Vietnam is growing stronger and more factories appear.

For production, the quality of goods is always at the top and is the basis for customers to evaluate products on the market.

In order to get products to market with good quality, the factory needs to have strict quality inspection process for each product right from the end of the production.Therefore, each factory needs its own Laboratory to be able to carry out testing for its products…

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