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Galvanized steel coil for PEB construction from Vietnam source is an appropriate choice for contractors in Middle East

A pre-engineered building or PEB is a metal building frame that includes a structural system and often also roof and wall cladding. A PEB building is fabricated at a factory and assembled at site. Hence, PEB are widely preferred in Middle East countries due to various advantages such as saving of labor cost, quick, time saving and easy installation. Especially, PEB constructions can minimize the blockage of public space and also consistence in quality….

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TIS Certificate – Important barrier in Thailand market

Nowadays, the countries besides the obligation to protect territorial integrity and security must also focus on upgrading and perfecting the quality of daily life for each citizen. This is not only in controlling the output quality of essential goods, but also from products outside the country that are imported and consumed domestically.

In the context of increasing global trade protectionism, the construction of technical barriers to trade is one of the measures that countries cannot ignore in the list of measures to protect domestic manufacturing industries.

Currently, many countries are applying technical barriers, namely the type of product standard certificates, for items imported into consumption in the domestic market….

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