Pomina steel corporation: Prestigious brand - Quality products

Pomina steel corporation: Prestigious brand - Quality products

BlogDate: 19-05-2023 by: Nhu Quynh

With a capacity of 1.5 million tons/year, Pomina Steel Corporation is one of the largest construction steel factories today. Pomina's products fully meet the needs of domestic and foreign steel markets.

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1. Company introduction: Pomina Steel Corporation

Pomina Steel Corporation is one of the leading steel companies in Vietnam, established in 1999. Including a chain of three construction steel mills and steel mills: Pomina 1 Steel Factory, Pomina 2 Steel Joint Stock Company, and Pomina 3 Steel Billet Factory. Pomina is considered one of the most prestigious and high-quality private steel production groups in the industry. Currently, Pomina owns a system of 800 stores that distribute products nationwide. Pomina is also one of the largest and most modern factories in Vietnam, with a total annual capacity of 1.1 million tons of construction steel and 1.5 million tons of billet.

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With the goal of bringing "core of life" products, Pomina Steel Corporation team is constantly striving to bring high-quality products as well as a variety of designs to meet the needs of the market. Pomina's products always uphold the criteria of durability, beauty, safety, affordable prices, and especially environmental protection.

2. Product catalog of Pomina Steel Corporation

Pomina Steel Corporation specializes in manufacturing construction steel products, mainly deformed bar and wire rod. Pomina's steel products all meet TCVN 1651 - 1:2008 standards in addition to other standards such as JIS G3112:2010-ASTM A615/A615M-09B-BS 4449:1997. 

2.1. Deformed bar

Deformed bar, also known as steel bar or rebar, usually has a diameter ranging from D10 mm to D40 mm. Before being rolled, steel billets undergo strict testing to ensure that the quality of the steel when produced meets quality standards. Pomina's deformed bar products are superior in terms of bearing strength, high durability, and suitability for industrial and civil projects, so Pomina Steel Corporation the product is always popular and used. Steel is produced on modern technological lines with high quality, ensuring safety and environmental friendliness.

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2.2. Wire rod

Wire rod with diameters such as phi 6, 8, 10, manufactured according to TCVN 1651 - 1: 2008. Steel is produced in a modern, uniform and closed production line in the whole process. As a result, Pomina Steel Corporation products have improved product quality, increased production capacity and met the consumption needs of consumers. Since production materials are always strictly tested along with modern steel rolling technology, Pomina Steel Corporation products have bearing strength, durability, and high resistance to the effects of the natural environment. 

3. Advantage of Pomina Steel Corporation

Pomina Steel Corporation has the advantage over other businesses that it only focuses on a specialized product line in a certain market. Currently, Pomina's main product line is construction steel and Pomina focuses on the southern key regional market instead of the whole country like other businesses. In addition, Pomina Steel Corporation also focuses financial resources to increase billet and construction steel rolling capacity in the southern market to enhance its position and strength in this segment compared to other competitors in the region. Vietnam market.

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In Vietnam, with technology Consteel Pomina Steel Corporation is the first steel plant to operate this technology into the production process with a line fully invested with modern equipment from advanced countries in the world. Consteel technology completely removes slag and impurities, and focuses on recreating the source of recycled materials with a wastewater treatment system that meets the double-circulation standard, without discharging into the environment. With the right and synchronous investment, Pomina Steel Corporation is proud to bring quality steel products, while fully meeting the strict requirements of the market. 

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