Types of Steel Purlin & Things You Must Know Before Importing Vietnamese Purling

Types of Steel Purlin & Things You Must Know Before Importing Vietnamese Purling

BlogDate: 23-01-2024 by: Ngoc Cam

Purlins are a specialized material used in frameworks and prefabricated houses to structural support and prevent rust and termites. Vietnam's increasingly developed manufacturing techniques have created many different types and standards of purlins. 

1. What Is Purlin

In construction, a purlin is a horizontal bar or beam used in a roof support system. They are most commonly in buildings and are supported by the building’s rafters and its wall. Purlins are classified based on material and shape, serving different purposes. Purlins are very important in architecture and structure because without them, we cannot tile any other material on the roof.

2. Types of Purlin in Steel Building

C Shaped Purlin

C shaped purlins are horizontal C-shaped bars that are light in weight, good strength and easy processing. The flat surface of the purlin is perforated to increase flexibility during assembly and construction. They are widely used in the construction of factories, houses, warehouses, shopping centers, airports,...

Products commonly used for projects with column pitch <6m with common specifications are C200x50x1.8, C150x50x20x1.5,...

Z Shaped Purlin

Z shaped purlins are made with oval holes to easily connect the purlins together with bolts. This type is lightweight, easy to process and has better bearing capacity than C-shaped purlins. They are mainly used in projects with large areas such as factories, cold storages, commercial centers,... The most popular specifications are Z200x72x78x2.0, Z200x62x68x1.8,...

Black Steel Purlin

Black steel purlins are made from hot-rolled black steel, known for its lightness, durable, heat-resistant, environmentally friendly and less deformed under strong impacts. However, black steel purlins are less widely used, especially in high-end projects because of their low aesthetic factor, low roughness and easy rust.

Galvanized purlins

Galvanized purlins are black steel purlins covered with a layer of zinc plating to protect the surface. This enhances their durability, resistant to force and temperature and are especially resistant to rust and corrosion under weather conditions. 

High strength purlin

High-strength purlins are manufactured by modern technology with higher quality than conventional purlins. The product has the ability to withstand high temperatures, the yield limit reaches a minimum of 350 MPa ~ 4500kg/cm2, light weight, large spans while still ensuring deflection within the standard range.

3. What Purpose Do Purlins Serve In Construction?

Purlins are divided into two types: roof purlins and regular purlins. In the prefabricated steel structures, builders often connect the purlins with round or V-shaped bars to firmly stabilize the purlin system.

For columns of large factories with heights of 9-12m, purlins are supported by V-shaped struts to enhance the bearing capacity of the works. In addition to the role of bearing the roof load and human load, purlins are calculated and designed to bear the hanging load of wind ceilings, duct systems, electricity or decorative furniture.

4. Where To Import Reputable And Quality Purlins From Vietnam?

Steel purlins are one of the highly applicable products but not all purlins from every factory meet the required standards. In particular, some countries attach great importance to the issue of C/O when importing, so purlins must prove the origin of input materials.

Vietnam is a country with crude steel output ranked 13th globally, advanced production technology, imported machinery systems from the most famous metallurgical brands such as Danieli, Tenova,... This has created the quality of Vietnamese steel, making Vietnam the largest steel industry in Southeast Asia.

Under the escalating world economic and political situation, finding a reputable, quality steel supply source that is not in the group of embargoed countries is difficult for importers. Understanding these things, MRS Steel is a unit specializing in providing solutions to support the import of Vietnamese steel to more than 30 countries around the world. Our team of experts will be responsible for the entire steel import process from A-Z, ensuring customers can receive goods on time as agreed.

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