Vietnam steel quality overview - Steel refining technology and production line

Vietnam steel quality overview - Steel refining technology and production line

BlogDate: 09-04-2024 by: Ngan Le

Vietnam's steel industry has made remarkable developments in both production scale and technological lines. Vietnam steel quality has gradually reached important markets such as Europe and America. Today MRS Steel will make an overview of Vietnam quality steel as well as learn about breakthroughs in the country's steel production technology.

Vietnam steel quality based on breakthroughs in steel refining technology

Previously in Vietnam, most steel was produced through electric arc furnace (EAF) technology, but the EAF method was assessed to cause high electricity consumption. In addition, input materials such as iron ore or scrap steel contain too many impurities, which has generated more dust and large slag in the production process, reducing the furnace's life span and affecting the quality of the output steel.

In the period from 2010 to 2020, many domestic steel enterprises have installed blast furnaces with large capacity, specifically Hoa Phat has operated 2 blast furnaces with the capacity is 1,350 m3, Formosa Ha Tinh has installed blast furnace No. 1 with a capacity of 4,350m3 and blast furnace No.2 with a capacity of 4,350m3. The improvement of furnace capacity has helped manufacturers minimize dust emissions, eliminate harmful impurities and reuse energy through coal gas recovery to produce thermal energy for the furnace.

In addition, the large manufacturers such as Hoa Phat, Formosa or VN Steel,... have installed the technology of basic oxygen furnace (BOF) or the LD converter into manufacturing activities. In particular, the technology of BOF has a significant effect in burning all impurities in liquid iron and the steel scrap. 

Specifically, Hoa Phat's output steel has the percentages of impurities (Cu, Ni, Cr). ) is very low when less than 0.03% and this figure is lower than the standards of many countries in the world. Based on an extremely low impurity rate, the output steel product will achieve purity and consensus in quality, the steel will have good bending properties, combined with toughness and high yield strength will improve the sustainability of construction.

Continuous investment in steel production lines

During the past 10 years, the domestic steel manufacturers have continuously invested in steel refining technology as well as improved modern techniques in production lines in order to bring more Vietnam steel quality to the abroad markets. Currently, most steel producers in Vietnam such as Hoa Phat, Hoa Sen, Ton Dong A, Nghi Son, ... all use the most advanced steel production lines in the world such as Danieli - Tenova from Italy,  SMS from Germany,...

Most of the galvanizing or color coating lines in Vietnam are equipped with gas recovery systems to help manufacturers save energy. Another highlight of these technologies from Europe is low operating costs as well as high flexibility when it can be applied to many types of steel products as well as can accept many different coating materials.

For example, the CM4 color coating line of Ton Dong A is equipped with an RTO gas recovery system to help protect the environment or Hoa Sen Group's galvanizing line is equipped with an electric annealing furnace to help reduce waste of gas emissions from the factory. In addition, the color coating lines are also equipped with NOF annealing furnace technology to help the galvanized layers adhere to the steel better, assisting manufacturers to control the exact thickness of the layers, optimally treating temperature of flatness and gloss of the finished product.

International standards for output products

Currently, Vietnam steel quality products have reached many countries around the world including large markets such as Europe, America, Australia, etc. The equipping of advanced production lines has helped domestic steel manufacturers qualify to produce quality steel grades in terms of size, weight, ductility, and bearing capacity. Before being exported, steel products are fully certified standards including JIS of Japan, ASTM of America, BN of UK, AS of Australia.

Besides, the quality management system standards at factories are also an important factor to evaluate the quality of output products. Most of the domestic steel factories come from corporations such as Hoa Phat, Hoa Sen, Ton Nam Kim, Ton Dong A, Vn Steel,... all obtained the certification of the latest standard ISO 9001:2015, which partly shows the production capacity and resources of the enterprise.

Finding the reputable supplier of Vietnam steel quality

Vietnam's steel industry in recent years has made amazing changes as it has gradually become self-production with a wide range of steel products. Increasing steel quality and diversified product supply have attracted many international importers to choose Vietnamese steel for construction projects.

Since its establishment, MRS Steel has always positioned itself as an enterprise providing steel solutions for importers in order to save cost and time to partners. Based on extensive experience in the steel industry, MRS Steel has made relationships with many major domestic steel manufacturers such as Hoa Phat, Hoa Sen, Ton Dong A, Ton Nam Kim, etc. All steel products that we provide have a clear origin from manufacturers, fully meeting the strict standards from durability, coating thickness to the aesthetics.

MRS Steel always shows transparency in contract exchanges, certification documents and clarity in prices, thereby helping importers understand clearly about the trading process as well as owning a good quality steel source for your project. If you are in need of a price list and a full size table of Vietnamese steel grades, please contact us through the information below!