How to choose between galvanized steel vs aluminum?

How to choose between galvanized steel vs aluminum?

BlogDate: 25-06-2024 by: Nhu Quynh

Galvanized steel vs aluminum is a question that arises when starting to learn about materials with high corrosion resistance. However, not everyone understands these two types of materials clearly.

To help you have a more detailed look at these two materials, the article below with MRS Steel learns more about the differences between aluminum vs galvanized steel.

How do you distinguish between galvanized steel vs aluminum?
How do you distinguish between galvanized steel vs aluminum?

Compare galvanized steel vs aluminum

To make a decision about whether to choose galvanized steel vs aluminum, we first need to compare and distinguish the differences between these two metals. From there, you can make the correct choices for your project.

Galvanized steel vs aluminum differ in hardness and durability

Hardness and durability are often one of the first characteristics considered when choosing between galvanized steel vs aluminum, especially when used to produce products that require high pressure resistance. Based on its chemical properties, it can be seen that aluminum has weaker strength and hardness than galvanized steel, so aluminum is easier to bend and shape. Galvanized steel is made of carbon; the higher the amount of carbon in the steel, the harder and more durable the steel. However, when aluminum is combined with certain metals to form certain aluminum alloys, aluminum can be stronger than galvanized steel.

Electrical and thermal conductivity

One of the factors that differentiates galvanized steel vs aluminum is their electrical and thermal conductivity. In addition to the ability to conduct heat, galvanized steel also has the ability to conduct electricity, but aluminum's ability to conduct electricity and heat is better than that of galvanized steel. The thermal conductivity of aluminum is about 50% to 60% that of copper.

Aluminum has good thermal conductivity, so it is often used to make pots, pans,...
Aluminum has good thermal conductivity, so it is often used to make pots, pans,...

Differences in product weight

One of the most recognizable characteristics of aluminum vs galvanized steel is product weight. It's commonly known that aluminum is lighter than steel. In fact, when comparing two aluminum and steel panels of the same volume, the weight of steel can be three times the weight of aluminum. Therefore, when using aluminum, the load can be reduced more than when using galvanized steel.

Corrosion resistance

Both aluminum vs galvanized steel are resistant to corrosion; however, in certain environments, their corrosion resistance will be different. For harsh environments, such as marine environments, aluminum is more resistant to corrosion than galvanized steel.

Galvanized steel is resistant to corrosion thanks to the plating layer coated on the surface of the product. The zinc coating acts as a barrier to help steel avoid environmental impacts, thereby significantly improving the steel's corrosion resistance.

Aluminum is naturally resistant to corrosion because of its ability to form a thin oxide layer on its surface when exposed to air. This invisible layer acts as a passive barrier, protecting the metal from further corrosion. This makes it suitable for use in marine environments and for products exposed to moisture.

Product price

The cost of galvanized steel vs aluminum will be an important factor in determining which you choose for your project. In fact, for two pieces of aluminum vs galvanized steel with equal areas, the volume of steel can be three times the volume of aluminum, thereby causing the cost of galvanized steel to be higher than that of aluminum. In addition, galvanized steel is plated with an additional layer of zinc; this process also requires galvanizing materials, thereby pushing the price of galvanized steel higher than aluminum.

Application of galvanized steel vs aluminum

Many applications can be made from galvanized steel vs aluminum; both metals have specific properties that make them suitable for certain uses. Join MRS Steel to learn about some applications of aluminum vs galvanized steel.

Aluminum has many applications in life; it is often used in industries such as manufacturing aircraft shells, truck bodies,... Besides, aluminum is also used to produce equipment and tools, household items such as pots, pans, power lines, doors, display cabinets,...

Galvanized steel is a popular choice for applications that require durable, rust-resistant materials, such as in the automotive industry, construction,... Based on its anti-corrosion properties, galvanized steel is often used to make stairs and fences.

Aluminum is often used to produce aircraft
Aluminum is often used to produce aircraft

Which choice is good for your project?

Aluminum vs galvanized steel are the two most widely produced metals in the world today. Material selection is an important decision that you should consider carefully for your project.

The choice between galvanized steel vs aluminum ultimately depends on your needs. If your project needs durability and corrosion resistance, you can choose galvanized steel. For projects that require lightness and softness in shaping details, you can choose aluminum.

Both materials have many applications in industries ranging from aerospace and automotive to building construction and heavy machinery. Understanding the properties and characteristics of aluminum vs galvanized steel can help you make informed decisions when choosing the right materials for projects.

Commerzbank Tower has aluminum panels used on the exterior of the building
Commerzbank Tower has aluminum panels used on the exterior of the building

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