Learn about TVP steel manufacturer - The longstanding position in the Vietnam market

Learn about TVP steel manufacturer - The longstanding position in the Vietnam market

BlogDate: 21-03-2024 by: Ngan Le

The TVP Steel Corporation is recognized as one of the leading steel manufacturers in Vietnam, specializing particularly in top-quality steel products such as galvanized/galvalume steel, cold rolled coil, pre-painted galvanized steel, steel plates, and steel pipes. Throughout over 20 years of operation, TVP steel manufacturer has consistently affirmed its leading position in both technological prowess and continuous expansion within the Vietnamese steel market.

Overview the establishment and development of TVP steel manufacturer

TVP steel company was established in 1996 with a total area of ​​100,000 square meters, from its inception, the company set out to become the largest producer of color-coated, galvanized steel and steel pipes in the domestic market. In 2003, the company further expanded by establishing a steel pipe manufacturing plant in Long An province, and since then, it has continuously developed and put into operation a series of factories to assert its position in its manufacturing capacity. 

In 2010, after more than 16 years of operation, the company was honored to receive the ISO 9001:2008 certificate from BUREAU VERITAS (United Kingdom). In 2013, the company again received the ISO 9001:2008 quality production certificate from TUV 2SUD. As of the early establishment period until 2019, the company had put into operation production lines including galvanizing and color coating lines, small and large cold rolling lines, cold rolling lines and rust removal lines.

List of key products at TVP steel manufacturer

From the outset, TVP has positioned itself as a leading manufacturer of quality color-coated steel in Vietnam. Therefore, the primary area of activity throughout the company's development has been closely associated with steel plate, galvanized steel, color-coated steel and steel pipes. 

Galvanized steel

Currently, galvanized steel products manufactured at TVP's factories comply with international standards including Japanese standard JIS G3302, ASTM A653, and BS EN 10346. With diverse and flexible production capabilities, the products typically have a width ranging from 600 to 1250 mm and a thickness ranging from a minimum of 0.12mm to a maximum of 2.0mm, depending on customer requirements. Additionally, the factory has the ability to produce galvanized steel ranging from thin coating weights of Z80 (80g/m2) to heavy coating weights of Z300 (300g/m2).

Galvanized steel has always been a core product line at TVP factories. In order to produce high-quality galvanized steel products to assert the brand, the company uses high-purity zinc ingots reaching up to 99%, combined with electrolytic cleaning technology and anti-oxidation coating systems. This helps the zinc layers adhere firmly to the steel substrate, enhancing corrosion resistance.

Galvalume steel (Aluminum zinc coated steel)

TVP's galvalume steel, with a composition of 55% Al, 43.5% Zn and 1.5% Si, is a type of steel with a lifespan four times longer than galvanized steel produced according to Japanese standard JIS G3321, American standard ASTM A792M, and BS EN 10346. Thanks to advanced production techniques and modern technology, TVP's factories have enhanced the capability to produce galvalume steel with thicknesses ranging from 0.12mm to 1.2mm. Particularly, advanced coating techniques allow the production of cold rolled steel with coating weights ranging from AZ70 to AZ200, meeting all customer needs in construction and industrial projects.

Pre-painted galvanized/galvalume steel

Pre-painted galvanized/galvalume steel at TVP offers a variety of product options, with each coil weighing up to 10 tons, providing convenience in transportation and usage. With a width ranging from 600 to 1250 mm and a thickness from 0.13mm to 1.2mm, the factory can meet all technical specifications according to customer preferences.

Moreover, TVP employs a polyester paint system as a primer, enhancing maximum adhesion to the steel substrate. This type of paint is resistant to UV radiation and can withstand weather conditions for up to 20 years under normal circumstances. Each coil of color-coated steel branded with the TVP logo not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the project but also ensures durability and long-lasting color retention over time.

Construction steel pipes

In addition to pre-painted galvanized/galvalume steel products, TVP factory takes pride in supplying high-quality steel pipes for construction projects. The steel pipes produced meet international standards including Japanese standard JIS G3466 and American standard ASTM A500. The average tensile strength of TVP-branded steel pipes is evaluated to be robust and safe for construction, reaching tensile strength levels from 340 Mpa to 490 Mpa.

TVP production capabilities and technology lines

With relentless efforts to meet the stringent market demands and fulfill customer requirements both domestically and internationally, TVP has consistently been at the forefront of investing in state-of-the-art production lines provided by leading steel conglomerates such as the Tenova Group and Danieli (Italy). Presently, all factories at TVP are equipped with comprehensive rust removal lines, cold rolling lines, galvanizing lines, galvalume lines, color-coating lines, and steel pipe production lines.

Among these, the rust removal line, boasting a capacity of 600,000 tons per year, was first operationalized in 2016. This line efficiently removes rust layers adhering to the surface of steel coils with a thickness of 1.0 mm and above. The cold rolling line, designed with a capacity of 400,000 tons per year using advanced technology from Hitachi and the Tenova I2S Group (USA), enables processing of steel coils with a minimum thickness of 0.12 mm, thus best meeting customer requirements.

The cold galvanizing line at TVP, supplied by Tenova Group with the most advanced technology available today, commenced operations in 2015 with a capacity of 180,000 tons per year. TVP's factory is also equipped with a galvanizing line featuring full PLC control systems, inverter systems, and precise temperature adjustment systems. The galvanizing line was first operationalized in 2008, being the first line with the highest designed capacity at the factory, reaching 300,000 tons per year.

Both the color-coating line and the steel pipe production line at TVP boast impressive capacities of 150,000 tons per year and 200,000 tons per year, respectively. Both lines have been operational since early 2008, with the steel pipe production line notable for producing products with uniform and aesthetically pleasing welds, alongside bright and clean surfaces, enhancing the durability and aesthetics of the structures they serve.

TVP steel manufacturer affirms strong domestic market share and export capacity

TVP Company owns three main distribution systems evenly distributed in the North - Central - South regions of Vietnam, including Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, and Hanoi. Focusing on these three crucial locations not only facilitates easy access to customers but also enhances flexibility and efficiency in meeting domestic demand. According to a report from the steel association in 2020, TVP Company proudly ranked fourth in the domestic market share of galvanized steel consumption, with a value of 9.6%. Additionally, the company's steel pipe products also rank in the top four in terms of production and supply in the domestic market.

Over the past 25 years of operation and development, TVP Steel has built a wide-reaching export network to many countries worldwide. Key products such as galvanized steel, color-coated steel, cold-rolled steel, and steel pipes under the TVP brand have expanded not only to the Southeast Asian market but also to major and demanding markets such as Europe, America, and Australia.

The credibility and relentless efforts over the years have somewhat helped TVP affirm its position in the Vietnamese steel industry. Thanks to investments in modern production lines imported 100% from Japan, the United States, and Italy, the factory can effectively meet diverse requirements regarding product specifications and ensure high-quality output.

Looking for a reliable TVP products supplier for importers

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