SeAH Steel Vina - Pioneer in exporting Vietnamese steel pipes

SeAH Steel Vina - Pioneer in exporting Vietnamese steel pipes

BlogDate: 29-03-2024 by: Ngoc Cam

The Vietnamese steel pipe production and distribution industry has many outstanding brands, contributing to affirming the position of the domestic steel industry on the world steel rankings. Among them, SeAH Steel Vina Corporation is the first Vietnamese company to export steel pipes to the United States and Japan.

Overview of SeAH Steel Vina Corporation

SeAH Steel Vina Corporation was established in 1998 with 100% investment from SeAH Steel Corporation (Korea), specializing in steel pipe production. After nearly 30 years of establishment and development, the company has always been steadfast with the goal of bringing the best experiences to customers through high quality products and advanced technology. 
Although entering the steel market quite late and facing competition from big brands such as Hoa Phat, Hoa Sen, Pomina,... but thanks to its unremitting efforts, SeAH Vietnam has become a One of the leading steel pipe manufacturers in Vietnam. SeAH Vina is also the first enterprise in Vietnam to export steel pipes to the Japanese and United States markets, paving the way for the domestic steel pipe industry to join the globalization process. In the coming time, SeAH will continue to research and develop the quality of its products to become a more comprehensive and stronger steel pipe manufacturer.

Scale and production technology of SeAH Steel Vina

SeAH Steel Vina Corporation has a total production capacity of 330,000 tons/year, providing the market with about 200,000 tons of steel/year with a variety of designs and types such as black steel pipes, galvanized steel pipes, black welded steel pipes, hot-dip galvanized steel, hollow section steel, civil steel pipes, pressure steel pipes, electrical wire sleeves, structural pipes, API pipes and national oil and gas pipes,... In 2019, SeAH expanded a new factory with a total area of 120,000 m2, initial investment capital of 15 million USD and capacity of 325,000 tons.

SeAH has 50 years of experience in the steel pipe manufacturing industry with modern techniques and an advanced quality management system, so products have outstanding quality on the market. SeAH is one of the very few Vietnamese mills that can produce steel pipes according to American Petroleum Institute standards API 5L, API 5CT and fire protection pipes according to UL and FM standards of the US. Since 2007, SeAH has been a strategic partner of Posco in researching and developing materials to produce API pipes.
In 2009, SeAH Vina put into operation an 8 '' steel production line according to API standards. The factory enhanced technical and technological solutions to help products achieve Japanese industrial standardization certification JIS G 3444, JIS G 3452, JIS G 3454, JIS G 3466. Currently, SeAH Vina has been exported to many demanding markets such as the US, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan,... and continues to expand markets around the world.

MRS Steel - Strategic partner of SeAH Steel Vina Corporation

According to WorldSteel, Vietnam ranked 12th as the country with the largest crude steel output in the world with 19 million tons. In recent years, Vietnamese steel products have been exported to more than 30 countries in the region and the world, joining the group of steel exporting countries with a turnover of more than 10 billion USD. Vietnam is currently an ideal steel import market with importers looking for high quality steel at good prices.
MRS Steel is a Vietnamese import support unit with a wide network of connections with a series of the largest steel manufacturers, including SeAH Steel Vina Corporation. More importantly, MRS Steel is a long-term partner of SeAH Vina, quickly updating news on prices and products, helping importers save time and effort in contacting SeAH.

Above is all information about the leading steel pipe manufacturer in Vietnam - SeAH Steel Vina Corporation. For all consulting and importing needs of high quality Vietnamese steel pipes, please contact MRS Steel for the most thoughtful support.