The application of PPGI in barn construction

The application of PPGI in barn construction

BlogDate: 27-12-2023 by: Ngoc Cam

The barn is used for many purposes like protecting livestock, storing animal feed, agricultural products or machinery against the environmental elements. Currently, farm owners tend to use PPGI as a barn instead of wood or concrete because of many outstanding advantages.

1. Characteristics of barns in agriculture

In the field of agriculture, warehouses are usually designed with 2 floors, the first floor is a shelter for animals or storage of production machinery and equipment. The 2nd floor area is used to store animal feed, agricultural products or other utensils.

The barns are named according to the purpose of use, such as tobacco barn, dairy barn, farm barn, tractor barn. The most principal type in the United States is the multipurpose barn, used for housing horses, cows, calves, sheep or storing hay and grain.

Wood is the main material in traditional barns, but since World War II, pre-painted galvanized is more increasingly used, especially in large farms because of the advantages of aesthetics, durability and costs.

2. Building barn with PPGI

When building a barn, the roof, door and insulation are essential components that are first considered. The materials that make up these parts of the warehouse will greatly affect the effectiveness of protecting livestock, agricultural products and machinery from the effects of the environment and weather.

2.1. Roof

The roof is one of the most important components of the barn because of its role of creating shade, shading the sun and rain and keeping the interior temperature. Most roofs today are constructed from PPGI sheets. With a high-grade coating that does not peel, is durable over time, has the ability to block heat to help keep the interior space cool and temperature stable. Compared to shingles that need to be re-glued every 12-15 years or the wood is prone to rotting, pre-painted galvanized sheets have a long life expectancy, are extremely water and corrosion resistant.

2.2. Barn door

The barn door should be easy to open and to secure. When the weather is favorable, the doors can be fully opened to ventilate the interior space, enhancing the exchange of fresh air for the animals to breathe. The PPGI barn door is very light, easily slides on the rail, saving you time and effort when opening and closing the door.

2.3. Thermal and soundproof partition walls

Wood, concrete and brick are good insulators but have poor sound insulation. Animals such as horses, cows, sheep,... are very sensitive to sounds, easily panic and lose control in noisy environments. Therefore, ranchers are gradually turning to PPGI to make soundproof walls for different types of barns.

3. Advantages of PPGI barn 

3.1. Moisture Resistance

Humidity and severe weather can affect the structural integrity of the barn. Wood is porous, absorbent and prone to decay over time while galvanized steel is more resistant to water, rust and corrosion.

3.2. Longer lifespan

With wooden barns easily damaged by insects and birds, causing termites or nesting on the rafters. Steel buildings can limit these problems as well as avoid degradation due to burrowing insects.

3.3. Fire Resistance

The surface of PPGI is covered with special fireproof layers to help steel frame buildings have high fire resistance, slow down the spread of fire. Types of barns in foreign countries need to pay insurance levels in case of fire and explosion. Therefore, although wooden warehouses are lower in cost, in the long run, steel buildings have better insurance costs which helps to optimize overall costs.

3.4. Strength and durability

PPGI sheets are durable, withstand heavy loads but are lighter than many other building materials. The barns made from steel are 30-50% lighter than wood. This helps the construction of steel frames and building details save more time and manpower than traditional materials.

4. How to choose the right PPGI for the barn

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