What are the applications of galvanized steel

What are the applications of galvanized steel

BlogDate: 01-03-2024 by: Ngoc Cam

Galvanized steel has many outstanding features such as high durability, good bearing capacity, aesthetic value, so it is popular in construction projects. In addition, they are also the main materials in many different industries and fields. In this article, let's explore the common applications of galvanized steel in life with MRS Steel!

1. The advantages of galvanized steel

Galvanized steel has many special advantages and optimal structural design over many other steel materials such as:

High durable

Galvanized steel has a thin layer of zinc coated on the metal surface by hot dipping or electrolytic, so it is extremely good rust resistance. GI sheet can adapt to many types of environment and has high durability during using process.

Low cost

Galvanizing costs are much lower than protective coating methods for steel structures. In the long run, galvanized is still the most optimal choice because it has a long service life, low maintenance. Meanwhile, the maintenance cost of other steel materials incurs much costs, time and effort of the investor.

Long life expectancy

Zinc has a higher chemical strength than iron so galvanized steel can last for a long time. Under normal climatic conditions, the life expectancy of galvanized coatings is up to 50 years. In the case of harsh environmental conditions such as the marine area, the works using galvanized steel can still be maintained for 20-25 years.

Good bearing capacity

Galvanized steel is light weight but very strong and has good bearing capacity, resistant to mechanical shocks during transportation, installation and using.

Comprehensive protection

When galvanizing, all dimensions of the steel, including the most inaccessible areas, are covered with a protective coating that is difficult to achieve with conventional coating methods.

Easily shaped

Galvanized coatings are easy to observe, visually assess and test methods of coating thickness without destroying its structure.

Easily manufactured 

The input materials are easy to find, the galvanizing process is simple and fast, regardless of weather conditions, so the production process of galvanized steel is very convenient.

2. The outstanding applications of galvanized steel

Galvanized steel is an easy-to-find, low-cost and high-strength material, so it can be used to produce many products in many fields.

2.1. Application for making Deck floor 

Galvanized steel after corrugated rolling process is used as a Deck floor to replace floor formwork. Using GI plates to form a large deck on a steel girder system reduces the need for scaffolding. As a result, projects can save significantly a lot of time and construction costs.

2.2. Application for making air ducts

Galvanized steel creates a solid outer protective layer against environmental impacts for air ducts. GI's bright surface also makes products more aesthetic, specialized in buildings such as high-rise buildings, apartments, commercial centers,...

2.3. Application of purlin production

GI is available with anti-rust and anti-corrosion features without the use of other protective paints, so it saves production and periodic maintenance costs. On the other hand, galvanized steel has a good bearing capacity, so it is very suitable as a material for making purlins.

2.4. Application of tube production

Steel tubes on the market today are mainly manufactured from galvanized steel to take advantage of the outstanding properties of this material. Therefore, all kinds of galvanized steel pipes steel which are resistant to corrosion and rust and, are used to make water supply and drainage systems, oil and gas pipes or auto parts,...

2.5. Application of producing household appliances

Familiar household products such as buckets, drums, water tanks,... are all manufactured from galvanized steel to increase durability, prevent corrosion and oxidation in nature.

2.6. Application for making auto parts

In the field of automobile manufacturing, galvanized steel sheets are the main material for vehicle parts and components thanks to their diversity in size and shape. 

3. Vietnam's galvanized steel production technology

Vietnam's galvanized steel is famous for its modern production technologies, which meet international standards and customer requirements. The line includes an automatic, environmentally friendly NOF annealing furnace, which optimizes the heat treatment process and produces high-quality finished products. Galvanized surface is controlled by Danieli Kohler air knife system and OIL LETCH electrostatic technology. The coating thickness is accurately calculated using the coating weight gauge.

Danieli's tention leveller is the latest version consisting of 2 bending, 1 C-roll cluster and 1 L-roll, handling all surface problems such as wavy edge, center buckle, camber. Vietnam galvanized steel is currently exported to many fastidious markets such as the US, Australia, UK and Europe thanks to satisfying the criteria of origin, JS, ASTM, BS EN standards,...

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