What Is Steel? Classification And Applications Of Steel In Life

What Is Steel? Classification And Applications Of Steel In Life

BlogDate: 06-05-2024 by: Nhu Quynh

Known as one of the key industries of the economy. Steel is not only highly applicable, but it is also a symbol of the progress of human civilization.

Join MRS Steel to review some important information about steel so you can better understand this industry.

Steel has very high applicability and is commonly used in many industries
Steel has very high applicability and is commonly used in many industries


What is steel made of?

What is steel made of? What is the structure of steel? This is a question many people wonder about. Steel is known as an alloy of iron and carbon, along with a number of other chemical elements (Si, Mn, P, S, Cr, Ni, Mo, Mg, Cu,...), in which the carbon content is less than 2%. These chemical elements are flexibly adjusted to increase or decrease hardness, ductility, and oxidation resistance according to different types of steel. Because of this diversity, there are more than 3,000 types of steel in the world.

Different types of steel will have different carbon ratios, the carbon content usually ranges from about 0.02% to 2.14%, depending on the weight. The higher the carbon ratio, the harder the steel is, but it is brittle and easy to break.

Steel has very high applicability and is commonly used in many industries. At the same time, steel also symbolizes the speed of technological development in countries around the world, including Vietnam. Therefore, the steel manufacturing industry has always received special attention and investment from our government.

Wire rod is used a lot in life today
Wire rod is used a lot in life today

Characteristics and chemical composition of steel materials

What is steel? We have answered in the above section. Below, join MRS Steel to learn more about the properties and chemical composition of steel.

Characteristics of steel

During the steel making process, dividing the ratio of carbon and iron can create many types of steel with different properties. Therefore, steel refining will not only produce a product of the same type but also depend on the needs and purposes of the steel being refined.

Normally, steel has basic properties such as plasticity, hardness, durability, resistance to oxidation, elasticity, and weldability. These properties of steel are determined by chemical elements such as carbon, iron, nitrogen, and sulfur.

The ductility of steel depends on the carbon content of the steel. The increased carbon content results in a harder and stronger material with reduced ductility. Conversely, the low carbon in steel, the more flexible and malleable.

Steel material has high mechanical properties and has many types with many different uses, so it is a material used in many different industries: mechanical manufacturing, construction, shipbuilding,... In general, the most important properties of steel are its corrosion resistance and high durability.

Stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion
Stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion

Chemical composition of steel materials

What is steel made of? What chemical composition are steel materials? Let's learn about the chemical composition of steel with us below:

Steel is an alloy, whose main components are iron and carbon. In addition, when producing, different elements will be added in certain proportions, thereby creating different types of steel depending on the intended use. Commonly added elements include manganese, phosphorus, silicon, chromium, nickel,... These elements are added to improve the quality, hardness and elasticity of steel.

How is steel classified? Common types of steel in construction

How is steel classified?

What is steel of and what are its classifications? Steel is a material with extremely diverse classifications. Below, we will learn about some of the main classifications.

Classification based on chemical composition

This is an important classification because chemical composition is an important factor affecting the characteristics and properties of steel. Usually, they are divided into two main types: carbon steel and alloy steel.

Carbon steel: Carbon steel is a type of steel whose main components are iron and carbon other elements are negligible. Although carbon steel only has two main elements, it can be prepared in countless ways with many uses by reducing the carbon content in the steel, depending on the purpose of use.

Alloy steel: Alloy steel is a type of steel whose main components are iron and carbon combined with other chemical elements (copper, manganese, nickel,...), with a total content of additional elements ranging from 1.0% to 50% of total amount. Compounds are added to improve steel quality as well as elasticity, ductility, strength and oxidation resistance. Thanks to those alloying elements, alloy steel in general has outstanding advantages compared to carbon steel.

Carbon steel pipe
Carbon steel pipe

Classification by use

Depending on different purposes, steel will be divided into:

Structural steel: Usually has high durability, toughness, bearing capacity, and large load capacity and is specialized for production, manufacturing, and use in the construction, assembly, and machine manufacturing industries, as well as mechanical engineering.

Tool steel: Usually has high hardness, durability, good strength, and corrosion resistance. It is specialized for making household equipment, measuring equipment, stamping dies, cutting and sharpening machines,...

Steel has special physical properties: Some unique properties, such as magnetism, low elongation coefficient,... are very useful in some cases, such as creating electrical engineering steel.

Steel has special chemical properties: We have types of steel such as heat-resistant steel, stainless steel,...

Structural steel is used to make prefabricated steel buildings
Structural steel is used to make prefabricated steel buildings

Classified by quality factors

This is a classification based on the percentage of impurities in steel. Steel, in addition to the main elements such as iron and carbon, also has other elements containing some impurities such as sulfur, phosphorus,... The lower the percentage of these impurities in steel, the better the quality of the steel.

Classified according to antioxidant capacity

Different proportions of elements lead to different antioxidant capacities. Therefore, people also classify steel based on this special ability. Based on this ability, steel is divided into three types: quiet steel, semi-silent steel, and boiling steel. In particular, quiet steel is completely oxidized, semi-silent steel will have an average oxidation level, and boiling steel will have a low oxidation level.

Common types of steel in construction

Steel is widely used in the construction sector, serving housing projects, offices, factories, enterprises, bridges and roads, hydroelectric power, etc. This material has great bearing capacity and high reliability, easy to install. Currently, there are popular types of construction steel such as wire rod, galvanized steel pipes, rebar, and steel shapes.

  • Wire rod: This is the most commonly used type of construction steel today in projects from civil to industrial. Steel comes in wire form, rolled, smooth or ribbed surface with common diameters: Ø6mm, Ø8mm, Ø10mm, Ø12mm, Ø14mm. Wire rod is often used in housing construction, civil and mechanical industries or machine manufacturing, factory structures or many other uses.
  • Galvanized steel pipes: Construction projects use steel pipes such as round steel pipes, square steel pipes and rectangular steel pipes, in addition to oval steel pipes. With corrosion resistance, high durability, and good oxidation resistance, galvanized steel pipes are used for construction projects such as prefabricated steel buildings, scaffolding,... Especially suitable for outdoor projects because it is lower cost than stainless steel, bringing high economic efficiency.
  • Rebar: Rebar, also known as reinforcing bar, is suitable for construction projects that require high bending strength, toughness, and elongation. The most common type of rebar is carbon steel, typically consisting of hot-rolled round bars with deformation patterns embossed into their surface. Rebar has good load-bearing properties and high durability, so it is often used to make reinforced concrete.
  • Steel shapes: One of the most commonly used types of steel is steel shapes. Basic shapes of steel shapes include H, U, I, Z, C, L, and V-shaped steel. This type of steel is used to build townhouses, apartments, prefabricated steel buildings, and frames for factories,...

Rebar is often used in construction
Rebar is often used in construction

Applications of steel in life

To continue the answer, what steel is made of? What are its applications in life? We invite you to learn about MRS Steel through the section below.

Application of steel in industry

With its sturdy structure and high durability, steel is now widely used in many different industries.

Application in the oil and gas industry

With the characteristic of metal having high hardness as well as good abrasion resistance. Steel plays an important role in the oil and gas industry. Here, steel is often used to make drilling rigs and oil and gas-related projects. For oil pipes, they are usually made from stainless steel to ensure product quality inside.

Types of steel commonly used include: Black steel pipes, hydraulic steel tubes, stainless steel,... Each type of steel pipe has its own applications and properties, suitable for specific goals and requirements. of projects in the oil and gas and processing industries.

Application in the shipbuilding industry

Steel is an indispensable material for the shipbuilding industry. Shipbuilding steel is usually carbon steel plates because this type of steel has very high durability and can withstand good pressure when used to make solid ship hulls. They not only have high hardness but also have good corrosion resistance when exposed to marine environments. Therefore, carbon steel plates are often used to produce many important parts on ships including hulls, decks, walls, and frames. In addition, carbon steel plates are also fireproof and waterproof, ensuring safety and reliability for ships in all operating conditions.

Steel is used in the shipbuilding industry
Steel is used in the shipbuilding industry

Application in the machinery industry

Steel materials are widely used in manufacturing many machine parts in many different fields, including industrial equipment, agricultural equipment, and daily life equipment Common types of steel used in these applications are usually carbon steel and alloy steel.

Application in the automobile industry

In modern cars, most of the vehicle's weight comes from steel. The automobile manufacturing industry has used steel in the production process since the 1970s. Steel is widely used to make many different car parts, such as the chassis, engine base, door beams, roof, and many other details.

Different parts on cars require different physical properties, which in turn require different types of steel. Some typical types of steel often used to produce cars include carbon steel, alloy steel, high-strength steel,...

Application in the construction industry

Steel has superior hardness and durability compared to other materials, which is why it is often used in construction, including:

  • Housing construction: In housing construction, steel is often used mainly as reinforced concrete, used for roofing, prefabricated house frames, and important structures in housing construction, helping to create stability and safety for these works. Besides, steel is also used for interior decoration, making your home more comfortable and modern.
  • Construction of public works: Steel is often used in the construction of public works such as bridges, roads, traffic tunnels, and other infrastructure projects. Steel ensures durability, safety, and abrasion resistance for these important projects.
  • Construction of factories and manufacturing plants: In the construction of factories and manufacturing plants, steel is often used to create factory roof structures, walls, and factory frames.

Common types of steel commonly used include construction steel, purlins, steel pipes, PPGI/PPGL, etc. Each type has its own properties and applications depending on the specific needs of the construction project. or production.

Rebar is used to make reinforced concrete floors
Rebar is used to make reinforced concrete floors

Application in daily life

In fact, steel is not only an indispensable material in construction but also has outstanding advantages when producing products in everyday life. In today's world, steel is often used to make household appliances (scissors, pots, pans,...) and furniture (tables and chairs, door handles, door frames, stairs, cabinets,...) Besides, steel is also used to manufacture details of equipment and machinery such as refrigerators, washing machines, televisions,...

The kitchen sink is made of stainless steel
The kitchen sink is made of stainless steel

In short, using steel in our daily lives brings many significant benefits to us. However, to take full advantage of steel, we need to follow safety rules, perform regular maintenance, and choose a reliable supplier. Only when used properly and safely can we enjoy the benefits of steel products.

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Steel has been an essential and important industry throughout human history. The steel industry is increasingly perfecting and innovating in technology, aiming to create steels with more outstanding properties and greater applicability in life.

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The article on MRS Steel told you what steel is made of? and basic information about steel. We will continuously update information about steel in the coming time. We invite you to read along.