Galvanized Steel: The Durable and Corrosion-Resistant Material for Your Projects

Galvanized Steel: The Durable and Corrosion-Resistant Material for Your Projects

BlogDate: 07-08-2023 by: Nhu Quynh

Galvanized steel is commonly used in many industries because the zinc layer does not peel, increasing the steel's corrosion and rust resistance. With its outstanding features, galvanized steel is used in many different fields. The following article will help you understand more about the applications of galvanized steel.

What is galvanized steel?

Galvanized steel is a steel material coated with one layer of zinc on the outside to create a protective shell to help steel not corrode or rust under the influence of the surrounding environment. The additional plating of a layer of zinc increases the thickness of the steel, enhances the quality, and increases aesthetics. Thanks to that, galvanized steel is the most prominent material in metal lines and is commonly applied in many fields. Galvanized steel is used for many different industries: construction, telecommunications, civil production, shipbuilding, high-tech industries,...

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Application of galvanized steel in projects

There are three main galvanizing methods: cold, hot dip, and electrolytic. In particular, hot-dip galvanizing is the most commonly used method today. All three are the primary sources of raw materials needed to apply and produce many different products to meet the needs of the market. Using galvanized steel not only brings economic benefits but also helps increase the aesthetics and durability of the project. So let's find out what the application of galvanized steel is.

Construction projects: This is the most common field of use. In construction, galvanized steel is mainly used to make awnings, balconies, interior decoration,... The products are durable, have low production costs, and have high aesthetics, so they are popular.

Electronics: In the electronics industry, galvanized coating is used on computer cases and electronic devices. This creates 1 solid protective layer against moisture and corrosion caused by exposure to air.

Application of galvanized steel in projects

Transportation: With the advantages of toughness, being difficult to deform, and being durable with the continuous change of weather and harsh conditions of nature (windstorms, tornadoes,...), galvanized steel is often chosen for car production, shipbuilding,...

Pipeline: The application of galvanized steel pipe that is most interesting is still used to make water pipes. However, they are often used to conduct water in irrigation systems or domestic sewage. Hardened steel pipes have a significant bearing capacity and are resistant to the effects of weather, so they last longer and are more durable than plastic pipes.

Application of galvanized steel in transportation

Cable: Galvanized steel cable is a type of cable widely used today, such as power cables, suspension bridge systems,... Thanks to the zinc layer, the product has outstanding properties, such as a beautiful metallic sheen and good oxidation resistance. Thanks to such properties, galvanized steel cables are preferred and widely used in many fields over ordinary black steel cables.

With the great applications that galvanized steel brings, we believe that you will choose the suitable steel for your project at a reasonable price with excellent quality. If you need more information about galvanized steel or are looking to buy bulk products, please contact us at +84 76 911 2358!