Hoa Sen Group – Leading the galvanized steel coil market Vietnam

Hoa Sen Group – Leading the galvanized steel coil market Vietnam

BlogDate: 26-05-2023 by: Ngoc Cam

According to statistics of the General Department of Vietnam Customs, in the first half of February 2023, Vietnam exported more than 303,000 tons of steel of all kinds. Vietnam is a reputable and potential source of steel, which is highly appreciated thanks to large corporations such as Hoa Phat Group, Ton Hoa Sen, Nam Kim... In this article, MRS Steel will assist you better understand the No.1 enterprise in the field of steel coil production and trading in Vietnam – Hoa Sen Group.

1. Overview of Hoa Sen Group

Ton Hoa Sen (Hoa Sen Group) was established on August 8, 2001 with the full name of Hoa Sen Group Joint Stock Company. From a small manufacturing enterprise with a charter capital of only 30 billion VND, Hoa Sen has grown to become a leading steel and sheet metal corporation in Southeast Asia with a charter capital of more than 1.300 billion VND. In 2020, Hoa Sen ranked 18th in the list of 500 largest private enterprises in Vietnam.

Currently, Ton Hoa Sen has successfully built a NOF chain system with a series of typical competitive advantages such as:

  • Closed production and trading process of hot rolled steel, including import, production and distribution to final consumer.
  • System of nearly 200 distributors and retailers nationwide
  • Environmentally friendly system, protecting nature, oriented towards community values
  • Production system, machinery is continuously invested in new technology

Over 20 years of establishment and development, Ton Hoa Sen has always been loyal to the operating philosophy of "TRUST - COMMUNITY - DEVELOPMENT", towards sustainable and long-term values for the country and the community. In the near future, Hoa Sen Group promises to be a dynamic enterprise, continuing to make breakthroughs, constantly rising to high positions in the world steel map.


2. List of activities of Ton Hoa Sen

Currently, Ton Hoa Sen is focusing on the main areas of activity such as:

  • Producing steel products
  • Producing PVC ceiling panels
  • Producing all kinds of building materials
  • Trading in construction materials, production materials and consumer goods

However, Hoa Sen's main product is still the production and trading of corrugated iron and steel, holding the No.1 position in Vietnam with 40% market share of corrugated iron and 20% market share of steel pipes. According to a report by the Vietnam Steel Association (VSA), in the first 6 months of 2021, Hoa Sen leaded the galvanized steel sheet market when consuming 931,000 tons, accounting for 36.7% of the market share. Hoa Sen Group currently exports to more than 87 countries and territories around the world.


3. Scale and production technology of Ton Hoa Sen

In the period 2005 - 2007, Ton Hoa Sen successfully operated the galvanized steel sheet production line I with a capacity of up to 50,000 tons/year, the NOF technology plating line with a design capacity of 150,000 tons/year and the steel factory has a designed capacity of 180,000 tons/year.

With the main product line is Hoa Sen Gold color coated steel, Hoa Sen Group has invested in modern production technology lines according to American standard ASTM A755/A755M on a closed chain system. As a result, Hoa Sen's products are of high quality, with a plating thickness 3 times higher than that of other common corrugated iron products on the market. The modified layer and high-grade coating system of Hoa Sen Gold corrugated iron are chemical resistant, heat resistant, UV resistant and colorfast over time.

Hoa Sen Group's vision not only brings economic value to the country but also establishes long-term human and community values. Therefore, Ton Hoa Sen constantly improves product quality and meets environmental standards in production. Currently, Hoa Sen has clean and advanced technologies and lines such as NOF (oxygen-free furnace) capable of cleaning corrugated iron surfaces effectively and saving energy. In addition, the enterprise also applies modern technological and technical measures to operate the boiler stably and friendly to the environment.


4. MRS Steel – sourcing and importing various steel products from Vietnam

MRS Steel is one of the sourcing units, specializing in exporting high quality  steel products to many countries around the world such as the EU, the US, Canada, Australia, Middle East, Southeast Asia... Over 12 years of establishment and development, MRS Steel is a key business partner of many of the largest steel factories and enterprises in Vietnam such as Hoa Sen Group, Hoa Phat Group, POMINA, SENDO... 

With a strategic vision of providing quality products, best prices and bringing the most satisfying experiences to customers, MRS Steel has cooperated and accompanied many steel importers in the world for a long time. We always try to support customers all the steps of sourcing, quality control, procedures, customs documents and export in the most accurate and fast way.


Hopefully, with the overview news about the largest galvanized sheet group in Vietnam - Ton Hoa Sen that MRS Steel has shared, it has helped you understand more about the current Vietnamese steel market. For any questions and need for advice on importing Vietnamese steel, please contact MRS Steel via Email for 24/7 support.