Steel Imported from Vietnam Is at Risk of Being Investigated by Canada

Steel Imported from Vietnam Is at Risk of Being Investigated by Canada

Steel NewsDate: 12-03-2024 by: Nhu Quynh

The Trade Defense Agency (Ministry of Industry and Trade) has just warned about the risk of Canada investigating and applying trade defense measures to steel imported from Vietnam.

According to the Trade Defense Agency, with the policy of monitoring and tightening management of steel imported to protect the domestic market, it is expected that in the coming time, Canada will continue to research and investigate products, type of steel imported from Vietnam. The items targeted by Canada are Vietnam's main export products including concrete reinforcement steel, anti-corrosion steel plates, steel coils and oil pipeline steel. This item is widely used in prestressed concrete wire (PC Wire), umbrella frames, tire bead wire (TBW), piano wire, wire cores for conductors, cables used in elevators and cranes, welding electrode cores and nails.

For Canada alone, there have been 18 trade defense cases. Of these, there have been eight trade defense cases with steel imported from Vietnam. Specifically, there are 5 anti-dumping cases, 2 anti-subsidy cases and 1 self-defense case. 

According to statistical data from Trademap, an updated database system on the trade situation of countries established by the International Trade Center (ITC), Vietnam's export turnover of steel wire products to Canada has increased rapidly in recent years. For example, in 2020, Vietnam exported about 10 million USD of steel wire to Canada. The export turnover of this item doubled to 21 million USD in 2021 and continued to grow strongly, reaching about 40 million USD in 2022.

This shows that our country's goods exports to Canada are being actively supported by the implementation of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), effective January 2019. Currently, Vietnam is Canada's leading trading partner in ASEAN and Canada's 6th largest trading partner in the group of 40 Indo-Pacific countries.

The absolute increase in value is one of the criteria for Canada to conduct an investigation and apply trade defense measures against Vietnamese steel wire. Based on this database, the Trade Defense Agency issued a warning about the risk of Canada investigating and applying trade defense measures to steel imported from Vietnam and recommended that businesses, related associations and businesses review the export of steel wire to the Canadian market (refer to the following HS codes: 7223, 7213, 7227 and 7306).

According to experts, this move is a wake-up call to advise businesses to proactively research regulations and procedures to respond in case Canada conducts an investigation into trade defense cases against imported products, such as steel imported from Vietnam. In cases of investigation, the association and related businesses need to have a strategy to participate and handle the case, fully cooperate at the request of the investigation agency and regularly coordinate to receive support from the Trade Defense Agency. Canada is a potential market for Vietnam's exports. If goods are handled and recalled, it will cause great damage to domestic businesses.

Above is information about the Trade Defense Agency warning businesses to be careful because steel imported from Vietnam may be investigated by Canada. We will continuously update information about this incident; please follow the website to get the latest information about this incident.