PC Strand

Origin: Viet Nam
Type: Long steel


9.53mm; 12.7mm; 15.24mm; 15.7mm

Yield strength


Tensile strength

102,3 - 266kN

Minimum Yield Load

92,1 - 251,4kN




-0.15/+ 0.65mm


430 - 1170g/m


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Product Description
For many people, PC Strand Steel may still be unfamiliar. So what kind of steel is PC Strand? What are the advantages? To help you clarify this issue more, MRS Steel has compiled helpful information in the article below.

1. What is PC Strand steel?

PC Strand steel is an alloy steel or prestressed manganese-silicon. This type of steel is an irregular coil, is hot-rolled steel, and has a circular cross-section commonly used to make prestressed concrete reinforcement. PC Strand steel is a cable type of prestressed steel often used to make electric poles, telecommunications poles, or rail systems.


PC Strand steel has the dual advantages of regular steel and prestressed steel. This integrated steel line contributes to improving the bearing capacity of the product. The application of prestressing engineering has the potential to improve structural performance under service load conditions such as strain control or crack control. Therefore, PC Strand steel easily achieves large spans and load-bearing structures.

It is known for its high bearing capacity when combined with concrete to form PC prestressed concrete steel cable to ensure a large span, high bearing capacity, and light structure works. and reduce product costs.


2. Structure of PC Strand steel

Usually, PC Strand steel is composed of two main parts: prestressed yarn and a prestressed yarn bundle. Prestressed yarn is designed in a round and smooth form and used by a steel cable machine or reinforced concrete stripping method. The prestressed bundle is a collection of prestressed fibers coiled together in a spiral and distributed in a workable layer around a central strand. Here are the basic parameters of PC Strand steel:

  • Diameter: 9.53mm; 12.7mm; 15.24mm; 15.7mm
  • Yield strength: ≥1860MPa
  • Tensile strength: 102,3 - 266kN
  • Minimum Yield Load: 92,1 - 251,4kN
  • Standard: ASTM A416
  • Specification: 430 - 1170g/m

Today, PC Strand steel products are preferred by many projects because of their high bearing capacity. Steel is manufactured with advanced technology to ensure safety for construction with large spans.

3. Advantages of PC Strand steel

PC Strand steel is 7 strands braided, unplated, and rolled evenly. This product line is also specialized in concrete reinforcement. The reason prestressed steel is preferred over conventional steel because this product has many outstanding advantages below: 

  • All products have very high anti-wear properties, meeting German and American anti-wear test standards.
  • High-tech steel ensures safety for construction with large spans.
  • The product cost is relatively low compared to other standard steels.
  • With high bearing capacity, the product has a light structure.
  • PC Strand steel has non-joint tendons, so it has little friction and is easy to bend.


4. Why should you choose PC Strand Steel for project construction?

PC Strand steel is a durable, high-strength steel that is widely used in the construction of wharf projects, oversized items, and other projects. This material provides resistance to tensile stresses generated by applied loads.

PC Strand's compressive and bearing capacities are very high, unlike ordinary construction steel. When comparing reinforced concrete and PC Strand steel, it is easy to see from the beginning that this material has improved, improving both the quality and the ability to withstand steel's compressive and tensile properties.

I hope the above article has given you basic information about PC Strand. If you want to know more about PC Strand Steel or other steel products, please contact us here.