On 13 March 2020, Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) initiated an investigation on the imposition of anti-dumping duties on Flat rolled products of non-alloy steel plated or coated with aluminum and zinc originated from China, South Korea and Vietnam. The Petition was lodged by Bluescope Malaysia, the only domestic producer of this product in Malaysia.

After 5 months of investigation and review of the Questionnaire Response, on August 13, 2020, MITI issued an Order announcing the imposition of provisional anti-dumping duties on this investigated item. This order is valid for the period from August 14, 2020 to December 11, 2020.

The rate of provisional tax is shown as follows:

HS code Description of Goods Country Producer/Exporter Rate of duty
7210.61.11 00



7210.61.91 00


7210.61.99 00

7212.50.23 00

7212.50.24 90

7212.50.29 10


7212.50.29 00

Flat rolled product of non-alloy steel plated or coated with aluminum and zinc The People’s Republic of China Jiangyin Zongcheng Steel Co., Ltd  6.51%
Shandong Bofeng New Material Co., Ltd 2.17%
Yieh Phui (China) Technomaterial Co., Ltd Nil
Others 18.88%
South Korea KG Dongbu Steel Co., Ltd 9.98%
Others 34.94%
Vietnam Hoa Phat Steel Sheet 7.68%
Hoa Sen Group 20.54%
Maruichi Sun Steel Joint Stock Company 4.40%
Nam Kim Steel Joint Stock Company 6.36%
Southern Steel Sheet Co., Ltd 3.94%
Tan Phuoc Khanh Trading & Manufacturing Coil Steel JSC 4.00%
Tay Nam Steel Manufacturing & Trading Co., Ltd 5.67%
Ton Dong A Corporation 13.27%
Others 37.14%


Accordingly, MITI decided to apply a tax rate ranging from 2.17% – 18.88% for China, 9.98% – 34.94 for South Korea and 3.94% – 37.14% for Vietnam depending on the extent of the dumping of manufacturers.

To analyze specifically, there are 3 manufacturers in China participating in responding the Questionnaire in which one producer is not subject to duty is Yieh Phui (China) Technomaterial Co., Ltd, Jiangyin Zongcheng Steel Co., Ltd with 6.51%, Shandong Bofeng New Material Co., Ltd with 2.17% and Others are subject to 18.88% tax rate.

In South Korea, only one manufacturer – KG Dongbu Steel Co., Ltd is subject to a specific tax rate of 9.98%, and the rest of manufacturers are subject to a tax rate of 34.94%. This tax is quite high compared to manufacturers in China.

However, compared to China and South Korea, Vietnam is the country with the largest number of manufacturers subject to the temporary tax rate with 8 specific manufacturers having separate tax rates. In which, the lowest specific tax rate applicable to Vietnam is 3.94% for Southern Steel Sheet Co., Ltd, Hoa Sen Group which is subject to a relatively high tax rate of 20.54%, the rest of the manufacturers participated in the investigation with tax rates ranging from 4.00% to 13.27% and Others are subject to the 37.14% tax rate, which is almost double than that of other Chinese manufacturers. This shows that, Vietnamese products exported to Malaysia are facing many disadvantages compared to those of China and South Korea.

Currently, Malaysia is being evaluated as a large steel export market in Vietnam, imposing such high tariffs will put a lot of pressure on the competition not only among Vietnamese manufacturers but also between Vietnamese manufacturers and foreign manufacturers.

As such, Vietnamese manufacturers need to take appropriate action to prove to MITI that Vietnamese manufacturers are no longer dumping through selling at higher prices to prepare not only for the hearing to get lower tax exempt from anti-dumping duties but also for the next review. From there we can bring our products to compete fairly with other countries on the Malaysian market. 

China, South Korea and Vietnam are almost the largest source of steel imports from Malaysia, when imported products are subject to such high tariffs, the first beneficiary is the domestic manufacturer – Bluescope. Thus, Bluescope’s domination of the entire Malaysia market could result in a price monopoly and the most disadvantaged will ultimately remain Malaysia consumers. Will this investigation really bring benefit to Malaysia’s domestic market as the WTO’s spirit for trade defense investigations?

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