On September 3rd 2019, MoiT issued a decision no 2703/QD-BCT to launch an Anti dumping Investigation on CRC Steel import from China. Attached to this decision is specific notice of the investigation. 

The plaintiff of this investigation are Posco Co.,Ltd Vietnam, China Steel Suminkin Vietnam and VNSteel. Product under investigation are Carbon steel is non-alloy or alloy cold rolled steel in rolls or sheets, of a width of under 1600 mm, thickness of 0,108 mm to 2,55 mm with the following HS code: 7209.16.10; 7209.16.90; 7209.17.10; 7209.17.90; 7209.18.91; 7209.18.99; 7209.26.10; 7209.26.90; 7209.27.10; 7209.27.90; 7209.28.10; 7209.28.90; 7209.90.90; 7211.23.20; 7211.23.20; 7211.23.90; 7211.29.20; 7211.29.30.; 7211.29.90; 7225.50.90, that are imported from China. 

According to the MoiT report, the plaintiff has demonstrated an absolute increase in relative quantity of goods imports; tend to have price differences, the impact of price pressure on imported goods on domestic products and the high likelihood will hurt domestic production. The investigating agency determined that the plaintiff’s file has met the anti-dumping law conditions, so he decided to initiate the investigation.

The period of investigation for dumping is determined from April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019. The period of investigating losses of domestic production is 4 years, from April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2019. The plaintiff made a request for the imposition of anti-dumping duties on the products under investigation at 21.3%.

Within 30 days from the date of the investigation decision, the parties concerned have the right to submit a request to participate in the investigation by sending a letter or email to the Investigation Agency. 

Within 15 days of issuing the decision to investigate, the Investigation Agency will send the questionnaire to the interested parties including:

  • The party who submits the application file for the application of anti-dumping measures;
  • Other domestic manufacturers;
  • Parties under investigation;
  • Importers of goods under investigation;
  • Diplomatic missions of the country of origin of the goods under investigation;
  • Other related parties.

The language used in the Investigation is Vietnamese. All related documents need to be translated to Vietnamese. 


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