According to the Committee on Anti-dumping and Subsidy, the decision was made at meeting No. 1/2020 on January 23, 2020, Posco Coated Steel (Thailand) requested an anti-dumping investigation on hot-dipped Galvanized steel with China.

And if China is subject to anti-dumping duty on Galvanized steel coil, the tax rate will be 35%. That means Thailand will have to pay huge sums of money if it continues to buy from China. There are many options for Thai steel importers, and one of the best ideas is to import from Vietnam

With the advantage of near distance, fast delivery and tax incentives, Vietnam will be a potential exporter to Thailand at the present and future. Vietnam can provide C / O form D to enjoy 0% import tax incentives. Vietnam is increasingly asserting position in the steel industry of quality and customer care.

MRS Steel is on the way to be the biggest Vietnamese steel distributor and exporter in Vietnam. For export, we represent most of the reputable and qualified steel mills in Vietnam, who are not competent in exporting, and we help them to export their steel products to the world to fulfill their production capacity. We also help global importers save time and cost of purchase by approaching right offers of qualified steel products from Vietnam.

If you are a steel importer from Thailand looking for galvanized steel sheet in coil from Vietnam, please contact below detail:

Mr. Anh – MRS Steel Vietnam

Mobile/Whatsapp/Line/Skype: +84 901 743 745



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