Top 11 Applications of Pre-painted Galvanized/ Galvalume ( PPGI/PPGL )

Top 11 Applications of Pre-painted Galvanized/ Galvalume ( PPGI/PPGL )

BlogDate: 31-05-2023 by: Ngoc Cam

Vietnam's pre-painted galvalume/galvanized steel production line follows the most advanced technology from Danieli and Tenova metallurgical and steel-rolling corporations, so it produces products with high durability, good resistance to corrosion and rust, and many beautiful designs and patterns. Below are the Top 10 Applications of Pre-painted Galvanized/ Galvalume (PPGI/ PPGL) in practice.

1. Roofing and Cladding (Single Skin)

Roofing and cladding are the most apparent application of PPGI/PPGL in the construction sector. The roof sheets are usually corrugated iron with 6 waves, 9 waves, 11 waves, 13 waves, etc. have an edge that bricks and tiles about lighter, reducing the load on the frame, columns, and foundation.

PPGI/PPGL is also the main material for coating and protecting building surfaces. Aluminum cladding are 1/3 of the weight of steel, but still ensure the stability and sustainability of the project. PPGI has perfect anti-rust and anti-corrosion ability in the long run, so it is more and more preferred as a protective panel for all constructions.


2. Sandwich Panel (Double Skin)

Panel Polyurethane Sandwich (Panel PU) is a high-strength material composed of 3 layers of polyurethane foam surrounded by outer layers of galvanized/aluminum/color steel. PU panel has high strength, good insulation ability, extremely light in weight but high load-carrying capacity. They are used to cover cold storage, roof, interior or exterior walls of buildings.


3. Rolling doors

Rolling door system is composed of many main parts such as controller, motor, door and other parts depending on the design. Rolling door profiles and bodies are all made of PPGI/PPGL, a material that is light, durable and resistant. Because of this, pre-painted galvalume/galvanized is suitable for exterior use with high life expectancy.

4. Agricultural equipment, greenhouses, silos, barns

PPGI/PPGL has a smooth surface, good rust resistance, variety of sizes, easy to shape that is frequently used in irrigation systems. For the animal husbandry, large galvalume or galvanized pipes are used to make feed or waste pipes for livestock and poultry.

Greenhouse projects also use PPGI pipes because of the outer and inner surfaces laminated with polyester color paint. In addition, the zinc coating also helps the product to withstand harsh weather conditions well, without affecting the building structure.


5. Ceiling Accessories

Ceiling accessories are fireproof, corrosion resistant, thermally stable and weather resistant thanks to their color coated galvanized steel. Because of their light weight, durability, high load-carrying capacity and no change to the overall structure of the building, ceiling accessories are used as decorations for many industrial and civil buildings.


6. Partitions

Nowadays, partitions have developed into many different types such as fixed partitions, movable partitions, waterproof partitions, glass partitions or partitions made from PPGI, PPGL,…


7. Vehicle manufacturing industry

PPGI/PPGL is used for manufacturing car doors, beams, wiper blades, trunk lids, oil filters, oil sumps,... Galvanized is also specialized for car and train parts as a base coat for body panels. In the transport industry, the bodywork of caravans and recreational vehicles also uses PPGI because of its high-quality, multi-color coating, which meets the customer's requirements.


8. Home appliance industry

PPGI has rich colors, smooth surface and high aesthetics, so it is widely used for roofing, windows, doors, interior decoration or household appliances. The front PPGI panel has a polymer linear non-thick polyester resin coating and the back side uses a modified epoxy paint suitable for the surface or cover of refrigerators, washing machines, DVD player housings, air conditioners, Led TVs, microwave ovens,…


9. Steel furniture

Pre-painted steel is widely used to build furniture thanks to high-quality, cost-effective three-dimensional design. Steel furniture products are manufactured by nano-environmental technology, so they are safe for consumers' health, have a long life expectancy. In particular, PPGI is gradually replacing wood and marble to make insulating walls with aesthetics and performance that are not inferior. Some other significant applications of PPGI in the real estate industry include:

  • Wardrobe
  • Lockers
  • Table
  • Bookshelf
  • Bed



10. Cold Room, Shelves, Water Chiller, Water Cooler, Water Heater & HVAC Equipment

The structure of cold rooms or cooling systems is heat and sound insulation to keep the temperature inside lower than outside. PU panels made from color coated galvanized steel are the main materials for the production of various types of cold rooms, Shelves, Water Chillers, Water Coolers, Water Heaters & HVAC Equipments.


Above are the top 10 applications for PPGI/PPGI , widely used in many fields of life. Any need to import Vietnam PPGI/PPGL with high quality and good price, please contact MRS Steel via Email for the latest quotation!